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Kayella 08-19-2013 01:26 AM

Rebel's Hoof Progress Journal
NOTE: This is not my horse. My friend inherited this horse from her friend in this condition. I and my farrier are doing them a favor by working on this horse. I will not respond to any flaming about his situation. I'm posting this here to learn and to help others learn as well.

Anyways, this is Rebel. He is a little cutie patootie who is definitely not in the best condition. I'm helping out my family friend that I've known for a decade. I have not, for one second, done anything not under the direction of my farrier. I was in constant contact with him the whole 2 1/2 hours I was working on Rebel. I myself didn't have much confidence in being able to tackle this problem. I am just barely beginning to "apprentice" under my farrier and he trusted me to take this on, and will be helping my every step of the way in getting Rebel looking as normal as he can. I hope this journal becomes a miracle case. I already know he's lost probably half his coffin bone in all feet with such compromised hooves. But that does not mean we can't make him comfortable for the rest of his days. He is already walking much much better and I am apprehensive to see the final product.
Here's our patient. Isn't he adorable? :)

001-1.mp4 Video by Shiinohi | Photobucket
Here we are with a video beforehand. Yes, I am in my pajamas. Yes, they have penguins on them. I wanted to be comfortable(I was sitting on a mat for 2 1/2 hours doing this) because I knew it would take a while and wanted to keep my legs clean of dirt but also wear something I didn't mind getting dirty.
An overall shot. The tips of these hooves were hard as rock. I forgot a saw so had to use my nippers to take everything off. I thought I was going to break my nippers on the RF that curls.
Getting down to the nitty gritty. I sat on a cheap little mat and just nipped away from the ground. Standing three legged was painful for him and I could not see any indications of where I should stop from the bottom of his hooves anyways.
One down, three to go. You can see the curl on his RF.
The outside heel curled under and was pressing against his sole. I swear he breathed a sigh of relief as I cut the curl away from his sole.
His RH. I feel so so so bad about this foot. The little cuts were where I attempted to cut, but I quicked him. Poor guy, I'm still beating myself up over it. I had no idea his live sole had grown out that far. But the cut stopped bleeding within minutes and we applied iodine to the cut. My farrier was very sympathetic with me and said it happens with such long feet. Still doesn't help me feel better though LOL
The inside of one of his hinds, I believe his LH.
Much better! I trimmed up his LF a bit more after this picture.
Again, trimmed his LH up more after this pic. I was very hesitant about taking off more hoof after nicking him on his RH. I did not want a repeat so I basically took off coconut shavings and stopped where I felt it was very close to his RH.

457.mp4 Video by Shiinohi | Photobucket
And here we are afterwards, 2 1/2 hours later. I'm sure it's a brand new feeling for him. As you can see, he's not used to his new breakover and was highstepping like he was before to get his feet up off the ground.

This is where we stopped for the day. He was done and I was done. I was pretty disheartened after nicking him but everyone keeps telling me I should be proud of myself. But I don't think so! ;P So he'll be getting used to his new feet for the next week or so before I start bring his heels back and slowly getting his feet where he should be. I'll update this journal each time I work on him.

If anyone has any opinions on how to help get his feet in better shape, I'm all ears! How would you bring those heels back? What do you think his internal structure looks like? I'm going to be heavily relying on my farrier from here on out. This was the easy part, and I do not trust myself to continue without his constant guidance. :lol:

MsLady 08-19-2013 02:01 AM

Poor guy, that must have been so painful for him! I'm sure he is grateful to you for the relief.
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ktrolson 08-19-2013 02:43 AM

Bless you for helping this poor pony! I will keep him in my prayers that he will one day be back to normal... or close to normal again. Whoever let this poor animal get this way should be put in jail!

SorrelHorse 08-19-2013 02:49 AM

Oh jesus...You always here about this kind of thing happening, but you so rarely see it yourself. That is just apalling...I have no words.

I'll say thank you though, for saving this poor pony. You are one of the few who can truly make a difference in his life.

Kayella 08-19-2013 03:42 AM

The person who let him get in this condition has passed away. That is how my friend ended up with him. It's definitely an unfortunate situation which is why I'm helping out any way I can.

It is also a really great opportunity for me to learn. You would not be able to learn better hoof function and adaption than on this mini. The video of him before is the lamest I have seen him, which should be astonishing to anyone. I have seen him RUN with those feet. It is just amazing how functional he was with those slippers. He is a sweetie too. We kept him as comfortable and stress free as possible throughout the entire process with feed and hay. He was very cooperative with me until the last 10 or so minutes. He had to poop and would not go while he was tied, the sweet boy. He definitely deserves this chance at being normal again.
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Trinity3205 08-19-2013 04:06 PM

Something to note. When feet get very pathological and overgrown, you will often have "fingers" of blood that will grow out irregularly. They arent sensitive like a dogs quick will be when their nails overgrow. You will probably note that the horse never flinched when you hit the little vessel. I have ran into this a few times. It isnt a big deal. I just stop for that session and go back in a week and do a little more. By then it will have receeded a bit more. Its nothing to fret over. Its normal for feet in this bad of shape.

If you find the good sole from the bottom of the foot by getting the heels well down and back, trim out all the chalky sole and get the bars in better line, much of that toe you can rasp off from the top to help get it back in line better. I imagine the wall grown out stright and then double the thickness of what should be there leaving a twice a thick wedge as the wall would have been if it were healthy. Wedge isnt as hard so you need to leave a bit more thickness to protect the bone as it grows out. Id definitely map these feet from the bottom Using ELPO guidelines, find your break over point according to the bone/joint placement with the mapping and apply a good rockered toe from the bottom. You will rocker into what will look like sole but dont worry, it needs to be brought back. Then dress the wall back from the top bit by bit to get rid of the wedge. Its almost like treating a foundered foot.

Google ELPO hoof mapping for loads of videos and printouts with all kinds of information helpful for seeing where to trim and how to find landmarks on a bad foot.

Kayella 08-19-2013 05:10 PM

Oh no, he definitely flinched. He snatched that foot up and I knew why when I saw a couple drops of blood. I went in hoping I would not quick him, but I did anyways. :/ that was what I was most worried about in trimming him.

Yes, the closer hoof growth is a lot softer, almost mush. He has got some thrush going on because his feet reek. I will have to try next time to see if I can find any indicators on the bottom of his feet as he will probably be more comfortable to stand then. Question, in the picture of his LH, is that his frog? I was thinking so. It's the same texture and is attached to his sole but it has grown past his coffin bone? If that is indeed his frog, that is why I'm hesitant to follow sole markers because I had already clipped past the apex of the frog and had not drawn blood(again, if it really is his frog.)
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Wallaby 08-19-2013 05:14 PM


[side note, do you think you could put the video up somewhere other than photobucket? I really want to see it but for some reason Pbucket doesn't work at all for me! It's ok if you can't, of course :)]

Kayella 08-19-2013 05:20 PM

Double post!

Kayella 08-19-2013 05:21 PM

Wallaby, I'll try to upload them somewhere else for you. :) What site works for you?
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