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DrillRider 08-19-2013 01:20 PM

Martin Saddle Vaule
I am looking for a new saddle and have discovered the only saddles that are comfortable to me are Martins. My trainer loves the brand and so do many other people I know. I know new they are around $2,699-$3000+. Used, they seem to be around $1500. What is a good price for a well used martin? I found one I really like but it is pretty used looking and they want $1100. Is that to much? I was hoping to spend around $800, but are these saddles really worth $1100 that used? It is a Martin TR Roping saddle. Thanks!!!

ropinbiker 08-22-2013 10:18 AM

A good used Martin is going to be around $1500 or more, if in decent shape. A well cared for used Martin saddle is well worth that.

SouthernTrails 08-22-2013 10:32 AM


Martins "List Price" for most roping saddles is 2,600 to 4,200.00 but they "sell New" for 1,600.00 to 2,600.00

So used they generally go for half of what they sell for.

All depends on the model on whether it is worth 1,100.00 used, if it was 2,600.00 new then 1,100.00 is a deal if it is good shape :wink:


KayceeJo 09-16-2013 07:17 PM

My mom rides in a Martin cutting saddle and she loves it. I have rode in it a handful of times and I love it. They are fantastic saddles and I would defiantly pay the price for one of them. They seem to fit most horses as well.

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