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amaia 08-20-2013 08:24 AM

Black jacket for Working Hunter?
Hi :D
Im entering a (very) novice Working Hunter class this weekend. Can you wear a black jacket instead of a tweed one? And my pony has scars on her back leg (i have no idea were she got them) will she be marked down for that?
Thanks :D

xxxxxxxponyhorse1516 08-21-2013 04:06 PM

No, she won't lose marks. It would be handy if we COULD wear an SJ jacket for WHP, but you need a tweed one. What I did when I was competing in Dublin Horse Show (RDS) was that I borrowed a tweed jacket from a friend. I can tell you ways to get your turnout marks 100% without splashing out loads of money!: Ok, borrow a tweed jacket from a friend. Pop into a cheap clothes shop and get a light blue shirt (If you have an old school shirt for this, it's perfect). If your father works in an office, ask him if you can use an old tie of his, of, again, a school one is fine. Canary yellow jodhpurs , or cream jodhpurs since this is just a novice, are fine, too:) Your normal riding boots and gloves, and if you have any small badges, put them on the tweed jacket and say 'It's a stock pin!';). A velvet riding hat/skullcap is lovely too, but if you're stuck, just use your regular hat:) If it isn't peaked, my advice is to invest in a black skullcap to make it look better! No martingales allowed in WHP, and if your pony needs a whip, try to find a brown/black one for extra marks. Also, put your hair in a plait (If you have long hair) and tie a ribbon at the end. If it isn't very long, put it in a low bun, put a hairnet over and tie over the hairnet with a spotty scrunchie! Message if you want pony turnout tips too:) Oh by the way, if you have stencils for your pony, make sure they're regular symmetrical stencils, not hearts, stars etc.:) Good luck!

Corporal 08-21-2013 04:15 PM

I wish I could find it, BUT they used to make an apron that you could wear over your show clothes to keep them clean while you last-minute-touch-up-groom. If you can't find one, just buy a regular cook's one.

jaydee 08-21-2013 05:39 PM

At a small local show you will get away with a black jacket - tweed is correct for hunter classes and if you can use one that belongs to a friend then fine but unless you decide to keep on competing in these classes I wouldn't rush out and buy one if this is just a fun thing or for testing the water
Working hunters can get away with some minor scars - a lot of them actually do hunt and so some blemishes will happen. You might be able to disguise them but again I wouldn't worry too much at this stage - concentrate on having your pony perform the very best it can and enjoy yourself

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