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joseylovesrain123 07-20-2007 12:16 PM

a horse needs some big time help!
ok heres the story:
my friends mom got a boyfriend named woody. he's very cool and he got a horse a few days/weeks after they met. this horse is Eeyore, and he's an off the track tb. eeyore is so sweet, but he got an abses, then hoof problems, and he was skinny. everything started to go good after a while and we started riding he did great with me, but when woody got on him he either stood still or took off at the gallop.
i'm not too sure how long they've had him now but they called me the other day and i found out a few things about how he's been the past few months.
it turns out Eeyore hates men and will do whatever he needs to hurt them, he attacked the male ferrier and tried to kick woody.
Eeyore has yet another hoof problem, and he's still skinny.
His owners dont want to deal with him anymore and want to get rid of him. but they are going to wait until his hoof is fixed and then they are going to advertise him.
the problem i have here is how do you advertise a horse like this???
I realy like eeyore, he's cute, tall, and sweet *well to me*, but i dont have the money for two horses and i dont have the money for a horse with constant hoof problems.
I want Eeyore to go to a good home not to the slaughter house.
so please let me know how to advertise him so he can go to a good home.
i know his owners now would never let him go to the slaughter house but you never know about the buyer.
please comment, for eeyore's sake.

firelight27 07-20-2007 12:28 PM

I would advertise him as he is with you as the rider, but make sure to include in the add something like: "Prefers women, or Bad experiences with men, loves women." Or something of the sort. I'm sure he could get over his issues with men. I had a 2 year old who was the same way. He loved me to death but he was scared out of his wits with men. It just took alot of very slow, gentle care from men which all started with ground work, alot of grooming and round pen stuff.

I'm sure if you make his add sound good, (Don't lie, but don't emphasize the man thing too much.) then when they call to ask about him you can explain the situation as you have here and the right person will find him. The only other thing is, that alot of people are going to be very wary of buying a horse that has had re-curring foot problems. Its very likely it will happen again and they'll have to take care of it his whole life. You could always look into placing him with a rescue organization. There are usually a few per state that will take horses and give them excellent care.

joseylovesrain123 07-20-2007 12:46 PM

ok thank you so much. he realy is sweet. here's a pic:

Maleficent 07-20-2007 06:25 PM

He is very pretty! I might consider a rescue with this situation. Consider researching Monty Roberts, and see if you can get some better communication with him.

I think that it may be best for Woody to sell him, but you might approach him about the idea of joining up. I don't know the situation well enough to know whether this relationship can be rebuilt.

Also, you don't have to sell him to any buyer. Make sure that his new home looks like a promising, understanding one. Get some background on their other horses. It sounds like Woody needs and experienced owner. See if the propspective buyers have gone through adversity with other horses (just casually chat wtih them, take them out to lunch or something), and see how they've dealt with that. Have they been patient, have they used humane methods of dealing with these problems, do they readily sell problem horses?

joseylovesrain123 07-20-2007 08:52 PM

ok thanx,
woody is a first time owner.
they would realy love to trade because woody loves horses and he was hurt when he found out eeyore was afraid of him.

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