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xJumperx 08-20-2013 09:11 PM

Finally Back Into Jumping!!
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So Cowboy, being a Thoroughbred, managed to hurt himself about a month ago. We've been taking it easy, with about 3 weeks off completely, 2 weeks of gentle flat, and just yesterday we finally decided to jump him and see how it went.

The jump is TINY at only 2', but I figured it would be good to get lots and lots of eyes on it, to make sure he is sound and working well. I am asking for critique on the both of us please!! In the beginning of the video, he rushes away from the jump BADLY. Please ignore this. It was found to not be a pain issue, it was in fact behavioral. It is fixed by the end of the video, and you can sort of see this. Critique everything else about the both of us. I am used to jumping 2'9-3', so I may be 'jumping' a little too much. I show in Hunter Equitation and Jumpers, preferring Jumpers.

Fire away! Tear us apart! Nit-pick at every little thing, I'm a big girl, I can take it :) Please watch in 1080p, it helps a lot. Thanks again!! You all are the best!!

This next video is from about 4 months ago. I figured I would post for a little comparison if you guys have some spare time :) These are from 2' to probably about 2'3. I'm looking for improvement from this point, and also let you guys see how he usually jumped before. I have some videos from only 2 months ago if you'd prefer that, but it would take a second to upload.

Thanks again!!

xJumperx 08-20-2013 09:18 PM

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Oh, and ignore the brace ... I kinda sorta broke my wrist ... oops ...

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