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BraideeMyBaby 04-14-2009 10:58 PM

What is YOUR fav breed!?
What is your favorite breed of horse? Mine is a Gypsy Vanner and Morgans!:D

freedomfighter93 04-15-2009 09:58 PM

Well, I can't say how much I would love them if I had the pleasure to own them, but I think Morgan Horses, Friesians, and Arabians are just simply beautiful.

Go The Distance 04-15-2009 10:13 PM

Arabians all the way! :D

RocShrimp 04-15-2009 10:29 PM

Quarter Horses and Friesians :)

IheartPheobe 04-15-2009 11:13 PM

I like lots of horses.
One of my favorite horses is a huge, swayback-highwithered paint horse, who is super sweet, and the other is a quarter horse.
Lovee mustang ponies too.

CheyAut 04-16-2009 05:42 AM

Tie of Miniatures, Friesians and Fells :)

ChingazMyBoy 04-16-2009 05:45 AM

TB and Arab

trashcore 04-16-2009 06:00 AM

Since no one else has said it, Standardbred.
Nothing makes me happier than seeing a well muscled Standie.

weefoal 04-16-2009 08:34 AM

American Shetland Ponies
American Miniature Horses
Quarter Horses

smrobs 04-16-2009 09:04 AM

Mustangs all the way. Following a llloooonnnnggg way in 2nd place is the QH. Although I do have a Perch that I love, I think he may just be the exception to the rule. LOL.

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