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coc_parelli 07-20-2007 05:00 PM

Parelli Hackamore and 22 ft. line for sale!
Calling all Parelli students!

Hi, I have a Parelli Hackamore for sale it has been used a couple of times but is pretty much new. The ropes are really white and it has no hair or dirt nothing on it. I already have one for my horse so I want to sell this one and it's the Standard Horse Size Hackamore. (If you don't know already the hackamore has 9 ft. reins (yatching rope) and then there is a 12 ft. line connected so that you can get off and play with your horse if they get right brain or just if you would need to tie your horse..the 12 ft. on the hackamore comes in VERY handy! :)) I'm asking $70 for it but price is somewhat negotiable.

I also have a Parelli 22 ft. line that is still in the bag for sale..I also have one for my horse already so I'm looking to sell this one. It has never been used or even taken out of the bag. (except just for these pics.) Brand spanking NEW! I would like to get around $57 for the 22 ft. line. The 22 ft. line is essential for Level 2 with your horse so you can communicate with your horse from a longer distance.

These are official Parelli items and they work wonderfully. My mare and I love Parelli (we are currently studying Lvl. 3 together) and all their items so feel free to ask me any ?'s I can probably answer them and get them all cleared up for you. If you would like anymore pics./details/info. anything about it just e-mail me at Thanks and Keep it Natural!

Savvy, Olivia and Cocoa

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