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Tex1904 08-22-2013 05:49 AM

Short Story: Wave Horse
Sam was walking on the beach. She looked at the crashing waves. It was a windy day. She had heard the legend about the wave horses being spotted on windy days, but she didn't believe it. Still, out of curiosity, she always looked closely at the white foam of the waves. She stood near the sea, where the waves washed over her feet. Her blonde hair was waving hysterically around her head. She was wearing a yellow bikini underneath her t-shirt. Her tanned skin was glowing, for here, on the beach, with her surfboard clutched underneath her arm, she was in her element. She stared at the giant waves leaping up to the sky. Suddenly, she heard a neigh and a shriek. She looked left into the sea. There was a huge wave coming to shore. Was that....? She looked closer. Yes, there was horses in the white foam of the wave! She counted. Five. The world seemed to be moving in slow motion. The farthest horse was the smallest. He galloped to shore. The next one was also small. He was racing with the first one. The middle one was the biggest. He bared his teeth and bit at the horses next to him. The other two were medium sized and seemed to be listening to something behind them. Suddenly the middle horse pricked his ears. He looked straight at Sam. Then they crashed. The wave slowly withdrew. Sam starred at the little wave. She expected to see horses popping up from it any minute. And suddenly that's exactly what happened. The biggest horse was climbing out of the water. For a second he stood looking into her soul. She heard a faint whisper : "Xanthos!" It called. Then the white horse disappeared.
Sam was sitting in the knee deep water. It was a sunny day and the water was calm. Had yesterday been her imagination? She stared at the small waves coming and going. For about an hour she sat there. Nothing. At last she got up. "Whatever," she mumbled.
3 weeks later
As soon as Sam woke up and heard the wind whining outside she was in the kitchen. "Hon, it's cold and windy. You really going surfing?" grandpa asked. Sam shook her head. "No. I'm just going to hang out on the beach," she said as casually as she could. "Very well. Be back when your hungry," her grandpa winked. Sam ran outside onto the sand. She went and sat on the sand where she stood last. She looked intensely at the waves. "Yes!" She shrieked. A massive wave was coming right at her, and mixed with the foam was at least ten horses. They galloped at her. Each fighting the next to reach the shore first. They had thick mane flowing behind them and mixing with the foam. Each one was as white as snow. Then she saw him. The big horse. Suddenly the wave was upon Sam. The horses came out of the waves and galloped past her. They galloped a few meters before splashing into the sand. Sam spun around and looked at them. She felt something in her neck. She turned around and before her stood the big horse, Xanthos. "Get on. I'll take you to our kingdom," the wind whispered. So Xanthos's messenger was the wind. Suddenly Sam felt afraid. Xanthos suddenly spooked and reared. He squealed. Behind him stood a mare. He turned around and nipped at the mare. They both fled into the sea. Sam didn't need the wind to tell her what she had just done. She had broken the wave horses' trust. Oh, how badly she wanted to see the kingdom! Now she'll never see the wave horse and his herd again.
Each night, when Sam was asleep, and each morning when she woke, she would hear the wind cry: "Xanthos"

The End
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