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Labrador 08-22-2013 11:58 AM

Yielding forequarters
Hey guys. My little lease pony and I have been working on the ground a lot lately and no matter what I do I cannot get him to yield his forequarters. He's great at yielding his hindquarters- no fuss there. I don't know what I'm doing wrong or what I can try to help him. I always start small, just look hard at his shoulder and take a step toward him and then progress to basically pushing him over. He does not move useless I physically push him off balance and he is forced to move.

Please help me out. Any ideas? Critiques for me? How do you guys teach your horses to yield forequarters? Thanks!

gssw5 08-22-2013 08:26 PM

A video of what your doing would be helpful. But let me see if I can help. First off don't look at his shoulder direct your energy to his eye. Yielding the forequarters is one of the harder exercises to teach them for some reason, I know a lot people and horses have problems with this one. Direct your energy to his eye, wrap your lead rope around his neck so it is out of the way, leave some slack on the clip end then hold it about 3 or four feet from the clip in a high five so your palm is facing the horse. Hold your training stick in your other hand then hold your hand up towards his eye and direct the stick towards his neck, push the air around him for a count of 4, if nothing happens tap him with your hand and stick count of 4, then just keep increasing the pressure until he crosses over one step in the front. If he backs up keep the pressure and move with him, if he goes forward keep the pressure move with him staying more in front to block his forward motion, if he really just wants to plow over you back him up with energy then ask again. It is also useful to first back up then ask for the YFQ so then your just redirecting the energy. As soon as he tries to move that front end release the pressure so he knows he did it. If he is really not moving you can turn your training stick more horizontal and use the end to tap the bone just over his eye, use as little pressure as possible but as much as you need to get the job done. I hope this helps, it is kind of difficult to explain how to do something, much easier to show.

tinyliny 08-22-2013 10:05 PM

yep. you will get more result by "pushing " against the eye, or I use the nostril . I focus on the nostril that is nearest to me, and push the air against it with my tapping fingers, if horse does not move , he will get fingers tapping into his jaw, or nose. exact point does not matter.

However, the horse needs to be thinking in the direction you want him to go, and you can help him start thinking out that way with the lead rope, a few tugs off in the direction you want him to step, off to the side.

backing him up one or two steps first, then kind of using the horse's rocked back position to your advantage (his weight will be on his hind legs leaving the fore legs lighter and mroe able to step over)

Remember , that for the hrose to step to the right , sideways, he must put his weight on the left front leg, so he can move the right front leg out and over.

her is my dorky video. I am NOT a trainer and this is not the whole story, but you might get a kick out of this. it might not be that effective on a hrose that is dull to the cues, but I post it to show you ONE be aware that he must be weighted on one foot to allow him to move the other. and TWO, use the rope to 'suggest' to him the direction that you want him to move.

it's a silly homemade movie and may or may not offer any help.

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