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walkinthewalk 08-22-2013 08:08 PM

Celebration off and running
First let me say, I am NOT a fan of the Performance classes.

The Celebration is not comprised entirely of horses with stacks on their hooves. To the contrary, the bulk of the daytime classes I observed in the past were for the in-hand horses and lite shod.

So to present the side of the Celebration people "on the outside" don't know about, here are excerpts from my local news paper.

Yes I live 12 miles from the Celebration. No I won't be going to any part of it, simply because I can't walk near as good this year as I did last year:


"We're trying to get everything going. The show's right on us again," Perry said. "This is where we make our money for the year. We usually do pretty good.

"We give all our money to the Child Development Center, the Adult Activity Center and disabled children and adults. All the money stays in Bedford County."
Here's the article in full. Shelbyville Times-Gazette: Local News: It's show time: Evening classes begin tonight (08/22/13)
************************************************** *

Wallace Cartwright, the mayor of Shelbyville recognizes the huge impact that The Celebration has on the local economy: "The Celebration is the single biggest economic driver to the City of Shelbyville."

The economic impact on Shelbyville and Bedford County by the Celebration event alone has been estimated by a recent survey to be approximately 40 million dollars annually.

The Celebration's impact on the community is both economic and civic. In addition to the $38 million impact on Middle Tennessee's economy, the Celebration helps civic clubs raise nearly $400,000 for local charities annually.
Shelbyville Times-Gazette: Local News: Celebration kicks off with morning session (08/22/13)

Before anyone has a complete hissy fit, let me say it is NOT the entire Celebration that needs booted in a**. If you read the above paragraphs you should understand that all the food, etc. booths set up around the grounds are Civic booths and the Celebration is their major fundraiser.

All the help is strictly volunteer, including high school students to somebody's grandma sweating to death while fixing someone's hot dog and pretzel.

The Celebration has been an integral part of this county since 1939 (Google its history).

It doesn't need to be gone, it doesn't need to moved out of the county.

What needs fixed are the one per centers idiots with all the money who want to win at all costs.

We want and need the Celebration - the bulk of the horse folks in this county just wish to h**l certain of the trainers and owners would clean their acts up or get out of town.

The folks living in this county that could care less about any horse, wish the entire thing would disappear because all those horse trailers make them late for their hair & nail appointments. And all those out-of-towners are in their way in the local grocery stores --- spending money.

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