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RoronoaZorox3 08-22-2013 11:49 PM

Rant about boarding stables
I have a elderly mare which is aged 30 years old.

She was my first horse which I purchased and thinking she was 15 years old. Turns out the vet and seller was working together to give me the lies to buy the old and lame horse. Long story... which will be explained after my ranting is done.

Anyway she is 30 years old stated by my farrier, dentist, and vet.

She is having trouble keeping her weight. I was worried since she is my first horse. I know it is not normal for horses to be showing that a lot of ribs and hips. I confronted the boarding stable owner to discuss about her feeding plans. She was feeding her 3 lbs of 10% sweet feed 2x a day daily. I requested her to change the feed to senior feed since I just "discovered" she was 30 years old. Then she started to spouting all crap that I was a irresponsible owner for signing the contract as the horse is 15 years old. I told her. I already know it is my fault for not buying the horse that I imagined. I learned my lesson, but I do not want to give the mare away because it is not her fault that I was being lied to. I was determined to keep her and give her last few years a quiet life to live. I was frustrated with the barn owner for not being reasonable. I did not mind to pay extra boarding fees for the senior feed for my mare. The barn owner gave in and didn't charge me extra fees for the senior feed. I was grateful, but my mare STILL losing the weight. I decided to STALK the barn owner, it wasn't the best thing to do, I wanted to find out what have she been doing with my mare. I was new to the horse world. She never show up to feed the horses. I stayed there from 2 PM to 10 PM. I was SO angry that she didn't do as she promised in contract.

I didn't know what to do since I do not have any horse friends who have ability to assist me finding new boarding stable and with the transportation. What makes things more difficult that was I am deaf.

I searched around internet for other boarding stable. I found new one, but still the SAME issues. SKIPPING FEEDING HORSES. I moved 8 different barns within 3 years. It was so FRUSTRATING! They thinks I am a IGNORANT OWNER because I am DEAF. I decided to RENT my own farm, and take care of my horse. She is looking much better and the skinny mare don't exist anymore.

I wonder why do those barns have to cheat people's money? I mean we paid for their services.

I really feeling terrible how people treat me because I am deaf. They thinks they can get away by not taking care of my horse. I am deaf, but I am not stupid. I can see the bad things they have been doing.

The story about my 30 years old mare...

I worked at a barn as internship to learn all things about the horses. I worked there for 6 months. I learned a lot, but it wasn't enough. A mare arrived at the barn looking sad. The instructor told me it will be my new job to retrain her and sell her to new owner. I worked with her, and she was looking better. I still could tell there was something odd about her because she drained her energy easily. Her legs wasn't so flexible that she can move easily. I asked the instructor to check on her, but she keep on saying she is just stiff due to lack of exercising. I decided to listen to her because I knew I am not qualified to talk back to her since I am under-educated about horses. Later, she was up for sale $400 dollars. Nobody interested in her. Vet came to draw a Coggin test and checked her age and wrote in the paper that she was between 12-15 years old. My boyfriend encouraged me to buy that mare. I decided to buy her as my Christmas gift. I moved her to new barn........ then I found a farrier to do my horse' hooves. She came and said what a old horse! I was like UH? She is only 12-15 years old. My farrier said no way she is definitely over 25 years old. So I decided to ask my vet to come and do thoroughly exam. Discovered that she have arthritic hocks and stifles along with her age 30 years old. I was so shocked, and I was very disappointed too because I have to retire her. My farrier told me to send her back to that seller. I just couldn't do it. I kept her with me.

I am glad that I did because she suffered enough. She have old scars from her previous owners. My vet said apparently it was knifes, and spurs scars. I was amazed how deep can spurs scar horses.

Thanks for reading. I would appreciate your responds for my few questions.

1) Did you ever meet a deaf horse person?
2) What do you think about a deaf person owning a horse?
3) What would you do if you experienced same purchase as I do?
4) What would you do to encounter the bad barn owner about the feeding situations?

DancingArabian 08-23-2013 12:04 AM

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1. No but then again I've never met a deaf person period, nevermind a horsey one.
2. I don't think anything of it. Not sure what the question is asking. I don't see anything wrong with a deaf person owning a horse - might have to do some things a little differently to compensate for the lack of sound I guess? No idea.
3. I'd keep the horse and try to do right by her.
4. I would find a decent place to board at without feedings included and try to feed her myself or perhaps pay a third party to do it if I absolutely could not rely on barn staff.
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Dreamcatcher Arabians 08-23-2013 12:10 AM


Originally Posted by RoronoaZorox3 (Post 3434369)
1) Did you ever meet a deaf horse person?
2) What do you think about a deaf person owning a horse?
3) What would you do if you experienced same purchase as I do?
4) What would you do to encounter the bad barn owner about the feeding situations?

1) Not only have I met a deaf horse person, she worked for me and was the best barn helper I've ever had. I was very sad when she grew up and went off to college and a real job. She owns an awesome barrel horse and rides her and others a lot. She's a very good horsewoman, and I'd be happy to have her come back to her old job.

2) I think the same about a deaf person owning a horse as I do a hearing person. As long as they are willing to learn about being a horseman and love and care for the animal, I wish them lots of happiness and long lives for their horses.

3) It would depend on how much I wanted a riding horse. I have several horses I can ride, and I have pasture for them, so I'd probably keep her and try to fatten her up and let her be a pasture ornament for as long as she lasts. If I had to board and could only afford 1 horse, I might have to reconsider that and do something else.

4) Since you've already left the barns who didn't feed her, I'd let it go and consider it a lesson learned. You're not going to change their ways or gain anything yourself by confronting them and most likely it will just end up in a big argument. Walk away, count to 10 or more, and go give your horse a hug. :D

demonwolfmoon 08-23-2013 12:32 AM

1) I did meet a deaf horseperson. She owned a "boarding facility". I was taken in by her lies, because I saw only nice pix, and was moving across the country. She didnt feed for crap, wanted to charge me extra for my horse, had broken fence wires and barbed wire everywhere, and was impossible to get ahold of, among other things. I moved my horse and had to pay her extra weeks, because we couldnt get ahold of her (I had to move again), and despite phone records etc, she tried to say we never tried contacting to notify. Whatever, lesson learned, certified mail only.

2) Not sure theres much difference between a deaf horseperson and a hearing one ;)

3) I've been screwed before. Lesson learned, IMO. Not worth suing.

4) Id move. I dont think, btw, its cuz you're deaf....horses cant talk, and crooked people will get away with what they can. I keep my horses at home now, its a PITA, but everyone is fed.

Delfina 08-23-2013 12:44 AM

1) Did you ever meet a deaf horse person?

My good friend and BO has hearing loss, not complete but if she doesn't have her hearing aids in (which is often) you might as well be talking to the wall if she cannot physically see you talking.

2) What do you think about a deaf person owning a horse?

I can't imagine it makes any difference... it's not like horses can talk.

3) What would you do if you experienced same purchase as I do?

Probably the same thing, I'm a softy when it comes to animals.

4) What would you do to encounter the bad barn owner about the feeding situations?

There's nothing you can do really, other than move elsewhere or feed yourself to ensure it happens. I had an issue with my horse being fed where he was boarded at one time so I came every night and fed myself.

zookeeper1991 08-23-2013 10:00 AM

I don't know any deaf horse people, but my daughters have each had deaf friends in school. I have, however, come across horse people who have taken advantage of me. What a disgrace that a vet was in on this for you!

I don't know where you are located but that is just awful that you ran into so much trouble with barn owners not willing to feed your horse properly. It should certainly not matter that their owners may be deaf.

I am sure your mare is thrilled to have someone take good care of her even though she may be old:) I think it is common to sell a horse as younger than it really is, I have read about it on this forum before.

Good luck to you with your mare! I hope you will come across some friends in your horse community.

verona1016 08-23-2013 04:43 PM

I've never met a deaf horseperson, either, but there's a therapeutic riding non-profit that runs out of my barn, and I meet lots of riders with various physical and mental disabilities.

I'm with the others- I don't see any reason why being deaf would affect being able to own/care for a horse. Horses aren't generally very vocal animals, and focus a lot on body language.

If I had gotten attached to the horse like you had, I probably would have kept it, too. I've heard lots of stories of dishonest sellers lying about a horse's age, but a vet...! Even if I didn't keep the horse and was able to get my money back from the owner I would have tried to take some action against the vet, notified the licensing board, maybe even sued for damages.

A bad barn manager is a bad barn manager, nothing you can do about it but move somewhere else. If your horse wasn't being fed at night, neither was anyone else's, and there's no reason to think that they'll start just because you complain.

xlionesss 08-23-2013 04:58 PM

Finding a great boarding barn is HARD- I will admit.

I've moved twice since February. At the first place the care was good(not enough shavings in stalls but not a HUGE deal) The facility just wasn't great, 12 acres for 20 horses, all weeds no grass, arena was NEVER horse tripped multiple times almost sending me flying.

Second place was a nightmare.
The "forgot" to feed and water my horses multiple times, didn't muck my horses stall who was on stall rest, only threw fresh shavings over the poop and urine. Workers that lied etc etc

I was trying to keep in a budget, but finally I lost it. I took my horses and moved to a quite expensive barn, TOTALLY worth the money though. Everyone there is extremely friendly, my horses are checked on even though I do self care and the owner is wonderful.

I may be broke, but my horses and I are happy.

Ripplewind 08-27-2013 09:24 AM

On the subject of deaf people, I used to volunteer at a vet's office, and there was a deaf guy who worked there sometimes at the same time I was there. He was really nice! He couldn't speak, so we would pull out our phones, type out what we wanted to say, and show each other. He loved the animals there and always treated them well. I forgot his name. I don't even remember if I ever knew it. But he was a very kind person and I never saw him as being any less of a human than I am. Even if he was a jerk, I wouldn't change how I would treat him just because he is deaf. I would have treated him how I treat jerks! :) Being deaf doesn't mean he gets any special privileges. Like you said about yourself, he's deaf, not stupid.

stevenson 08-27-2013 03:46 PM

most of the deaf people i have met, can lip read. I just made sure to enunciate well.
You don't listen to the horse with your ears, you listen by feel . so maybe it would be an advantage to be deaf, no outside distractions. I would be cautious on a trail , and be sure to have someone with me that i could trust.
I have been ripped off countless times. Horses signed over to me, oh she was a lead line for little kids.. near death , Not broke. good thing I put someone else on her before the gr neice or gr nephew. Another , oh he just had a bad case of thrush , my rosy red behind the toe is dead , looks like swiss cheese, as his feet were to short, so I let them grow out to see what was what after putting 150 lbs on the horse, plus he get the squirts with anything but grass.
I still have them. On pasture , for now.
There was no point in saying anything. If you wish to keep the mare, you cannot ask for a refund .
It is very good of you to keep her and give her a good quality life. Perhaps you coudl find a rescue or organization near you that you could ride at, or perhaps if you can afford the feed etc adopt a horse or get one donated to you through a rescue organization .

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