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Goosen 04-16-2009 09:26 PM

Kinda Stuck...
So, here's the situation:

I've been riding for eight years and I'm thirteen. According to my instructor, I have an amazing seat and if I sit right my leg position is perfect. Recently I've been riding a draft horse, Jasper, who has been under saddle for about a year. That means I've gone through a lot of bucks, though I haven't yet fallen off.

Obviously, I don't have my own horse. We just can't manage to have one right now, and it's possible I won't get one until I'm out of college unless I come up with the money myself. So I pretty much get stuck with school horses (okay, granted that Jazz is not a school horse once so ever) and whoever else I can ride. Most of the horses I ride (I lied, I guess, I don't really ride that many school horses) are pretty green. So I'm working on getting them collected for more than five minutes, walking in straight lines, that sort of thing.

While I'm working with the green horses on, well, kind of the simple stuff I guess, most of my riding friends are up there. I mean, up there up there. Showing in level two and three. Working on leg yields, shoulder-ins, that sort of thing (which I can do decently well).

So, they're working on more advanced stuff with their more advanced horses. And I'm working with the simple stuff with the green horses. Is this often the result if you don't have your own horse?

But, really, here's my main question:

Will I suffer later, or will they? Is it good that I'm doing what I am or should I be trying to get a horse my level to ride?

I've been going over this for months now. Even if it doesn't help me, though, there won't be much I can do about it. But my friend said I could ride her more advanced horse sometimes, so that would possibly help. Really, though, it's not like I can refuse to ride a horse I'm very lucky to ride. This horse is totally a character. He can't exactly focus and just learned to poop while trotting (I was on him, actually) last week. No one else besides his owner and myself ride him, so I feel pretty lucky...I guess.

mfinelli59 04-17-2009 06:46 PM

Riding green horses even though you're more advanced then them will most definitely not hurt you (well, as long as you don't fall off, lol!). Sure you don't get to do the more advanced stuff, but what you are doing for the horse you're on is foundational and absolutely necessary. There are too many people out there that don't want to put up with that beginning stuff (in other words... they get bored too easily). I happen to be at the same stage as you are. I have several fillies/mares that are just beginning their dressage training and at times it seems like things are taking forever (especially when I look at my daughter and her mare who are doing fourth level movements!!! My daughter...for goodness sakes!). But it is imperative that they do the baby steps before they get to do the big stuff. Be proud of the fact that you are helping these youngsters get the correct base. Just keep in mind that being green they don't have quite the attention spand as they school masters so be patient. Just keep asking (kindly) and waiting for them to get the right answer then praise them. Keep up the good work.

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