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Little Mare 08-24-2013 06:08 PM

Stalled Hay Feeding Preferences
I searched for a similar thread and couldn't find one - I apologize if this is a repeat! (I'm sure the topic has been mentioned, at least briefly, is a horsey-topic after all.)

I have worked at, boarded at, and visited barns with all different set ups for feeding hay, either for at shows or if the horse is stalled regularly.

I know some people who use hay bags to slow down quick eaters, and I must say they make picking stalls easier - though stuffing all the flakes in there can be a pain! :lol:

Personally I like my hay on the ground if my horses are stalled (usually reserved for shows). I have been feeding cubes at shows lately, though, since it is easier to haul around, less dusty, and I lose less of it as I put it in a bucket so it isn't used as extra bedding.

If your horse is ever in a stall, how do you hay them? A hay bag, overhead manger, lower/corner manger, on the ground?

BreakableRider 08-24-2013 06:13 PM

I use a hay bag, my mares are nasty in a stall and will eat maybe a few bits then pee all over their hay. Hay bags are easy, you just need to outsmart them lol. I open hay bags on a trash can and fold the opening over the lip of the can and put my flakes in. Easy peasy.

Wallaby 08-24-2013 06:19 PM

My girl is only stalled overnight during the winter months, but she has free access to her stall year-round.
I always place her hay in a hay net. I find that it keeps the waste significantly down, she seems to have a ball trying to get her hay out, and it saves me money because she eats less than the entire amount I place out [unlike placing it on the ground since ground-hay gets soiled or 'shunned'].
I'll sometimes put a small flake on the ground just for a change, but anything more than one small flake goes in the hay net.

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