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koomy56 04-18-2009 10:11 PM

Body Work
Hey guys, I am just curious to the amount of body work you do for your horses. Massages, chiro, other work done routinely, if anything at all.
I feel that body work is extremely beneficial to horses in work, starting to work, and for rehab. I,personally, don't think there is enough body work being done to improve our horses' comfort and overall health.
My mare is a completely different soul having had all the body work and special TLC. If the horse is not right in their body, their ability to perform the tasks we ask of them will always be a struggle. I am training with the horse always in mind and taken into consideration. We ask a lot out of them, and it is our job to properly maintain them so that they can live to be our long-lasting partners.
I just wanted to spread my opinion on this subject, especially for those who have not been introduced to the idea of body work.

Jessabel 04-19-2009 12:04 AM

I stretch my horses' legs out before workouts, and massage their legs afterward. They get sponged down with liniment after hard/hot workouts, too.

MN Tigerstripes 04-19-2009 12:54 AM

I don't do anything professionally. But I do stretch them, massage, scratch, and groom them just about everyday. My mare is about 28 and is doing pretty good... she's fat & sassy anyways! :-) She is a little stiff on the back end though, but regular walking has helped that a lot I'm sure a chiro would be good for her.

eventer89 04-19-2009 11:34 AM

I used to get a massage once a month for my mare who had some stiffness problems and would not soften and carry herself properly. I also had her adjusted twice in a 6 month period. It help enormously - she would actually come round and not hollow her back. I can't currently afford monthly massages for my new gelding, but he will get them occasionally when I have the extra money, and he will be seeing a chiro a couple times over the next few months. I also stretch before and after every ride, and even if I am not riding that day I still try to stretch him. (Or at least this is what I will be doing when he comes home next week pending vet check!) Am I doing the right thing by stretching him before AND after our ride? I am also going to use a liniment on him after every ride, and possibly even when we are not riding as he is currently pretty sore.

koomy56 04-19-2009 12:56 PM

That's wonderful, Eventer89. I am always glad to hear the efforts being made to keep our horses happy. :)
I stretch my guys before and after too. I do 'carrot stretches', you can google it if you've never heard of them.
Any type of stretching is a great thing. Doesn't matter how where when. :) Thanks for sharing!!!
Where is your gelding sore?

eventer89 04-19-2009 04:48 PM

I love carrot stretches! From what I've been told, he had 6 months of race training but was way too slow and didn't enjoy it, so the owner gave the horse to the trainer in lieu of money owed for training and did not transfer the papers. He never made it to the track so he does not have a tattoo.. I am going to try to track down the old owner if at all possible. Anywho, the trainer sold him as a trail horse. He was used as a trail horse for a year, and then sat in a pasture for a year. Fast forward to about 5 weeks ago, (now a 5 year old) he was plucked out of the pasture and put up for sale because she couldn't afford him anymore. He was ridden by a not so competent trainer once or twice, and had no activity for 4 weeks. This past week about 2 people a day have been coming out to ride him, and he has been gettting worked pretty hard by fairly beginner riders. He also has not had a saddle that has fit properly. His back was sore when I tried him the first time, but he was perfect otherwise. When I went out yesterday, his back and hindquarters were sore. The owner told me a little girl was jumping a 2' verticle with him. I am getting him vetted this week before I take him home, but I'm fairly sure the soreness is just temporary and will go away with proper muscling and a few adjustments. We will see what the vet says though......

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