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Klassic Superstar 08-25-2013 10:53 PM

Feeling so positive about Ollie
So today was a big mental day for both Ollie and I, we ended on the best positive note I could have asked for and seethe light at the end of the tunnel!

As my trainer says, we have to get through some ugly to get to the pretty, not meaning cheating, using devices or skipping through what needs to be done but sitting there and making Ollie responsible for his actions and those actions have positive and negative consequences for him.

We have really been working on my inside hand,my evil evil cow of a trader! :wink:

Much improvement has happened and we are so closets having tire trained! Today I could really feel when I was going back to my bad habits and see it instantaneously through Ollie. So I am doing something right, and it feels great to feel that difference, to be able to catch myself going back to being to dominate...fix it and be able ride on.

I am also really working hard at my biomechanics, lifting my chest and opening my shoulders up to free up the weight....any little weight out on Ollie's shoulders or front end makes it all the easier for him to be a front engine horse, not a hind end driven horse!

We had two really solid downward transitions from canter without changing anything. He was able to keep going forward, really pushing from behind.

Today I put my spurs back on and I really think that helped both of us, just that little bit extra leg power. I also used my trainers whip that has more torque in it so when I used it he actually felt it.

A few days ago I got to ride my trainers young Irish mare who happens to love and excel at leg yields. She is the type of horse that even being young and green her training comes through to you......when you ride the movement correctly you really feel it and you really feel it when you not riding it correctly....very very clear horse and it was just what I needed for getting through my leg yield hump on Ollie and I was really able to push him through it, keep the hind inside reaching over without loosing the shoulders and without him rushing off!

I really feel that in the next 2 -3 weeks if I keep up with this I will feel and see a big difference!!

We had so much good trot work today that I just want to go back out there and ride and work on it more!!!

Maybe some video tomorrow morning?!? One can only hope!!:wink:

Oxer 08-26-2013 12:57 AM

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I like this little saying. Because only you can truly understand all the time, effort, stress, work, happy, sad, good, bad... that you have invested in your horse. When it finally clicks, it's the most incredible feeling on the planet! :-)

Klassic Superstar 08-26-2013 04:19 AM

Awh thank you so so so much!!!
That truly means so very much to me!!!

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