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Crushiinonuxo 07-22-2007 07:05 PM

Bee Stings.
Hello all!

Today i went out in the park with my Paint mare & a friend. A short way back to the barn we must have walked through a bee's nest and my mare Lady was stung. She did what any horse would have done, FREAKED OUT. She wasn't a mess I might say but she did try to bolt on me and was very skiddish and frantic waving and moving her head and attempting to run off. I allowed her distance to where she had been stung and dismounted. I had not been sure where she was bitten, I did not want the bridle to disturb the sting worse. She was good on the walk back, a little skittish and upset. We treated them both with a little ointment.

I escaped unharmed, but my friend did not, he had been bitten walking behind us.

I'm happy no one got severly hurt but I had a couple questions.

What should I do next time if this reaccurs, ex: if i'm much further from the barn or in the middle of no where. How should I handle the situation?

& Also, how should I treat the sting on my mare, it is on her upper lip btw.

It would be much appreciated :)

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