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Dartanion 04-22-2009 12:09 AM

Horse Show This Past Weekend -Pics-
I don't have any pictures from this horse show yet because the guy has not posted them but I have some from the show last weekend. I honestly had A TON of fun even though it was HOTT HOTT HOTT. I totally messed up my showmanship patterns which sucked and then I messed up my EQ pattern >.< BUT we won our Hunter Hack class and won our Hunters 2'3" class (as high as they would go :-() and got second in our Hunters 2' class. They did some WIERD stuff to the hunter courses though?! They had one line that went from a 2'3" fence to a 2' fence sssooo that was the first time I've seen a line going from big jump to smaller jump? BUUTTT I live in hick vill so lol I can't expect much lol. I didn't stay long enough to find out if I got any high points but I am going to call my region leader later on and ask. I also didn't do Trail at this last show since it was so hot and they were closeing course at 3:30pm and I was in the middle of my Hunter Hack class so yeah that wasn't fun but oh well. I am mostly hoping it didn't ruien my shot at the allround buckle ok ok pictures pictures I know.

This weekends results:
Halter Geldings 5th out of 6 (he had a longer toe and was slightly late on shoing since our shoer was on vacation so yeah lol I can't see why we placed how we did lol).
Halter Color 4th o/f 6
Halter Open 6th o/f 12
Showmanship 18&Over 5th o/f 7
Showmanship Open 6th o/f 7
English Pleasure w/t 18&Over 5th o/f 12
English Pleasure Open 7 o/f 12
English EQ w/t 3rd o/f 5
English EQ 18&Over 2nd o/f 4
English EQ Open 1st o/f 5
Hunter Hack 2' 1st o/f 5
Hunters 2' 2 o/f 10
Hunters 2'3" 1st o/f ~8

for some reason it will not allow me to add my pics so I am going to try them again in a respons post.

oh!! and I almost forgot my friend/adoptive mom (not really she's just an awesome older friend) was riding her horse in a class with me when he tripped and did a face plant into the sand and he fell off. She was ok thank goodness and so was her horse but I wont lie it was scary hearing 'rider down' and it made it worse when I saw her horse trotting over to me riderless.

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