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SeemsLegit 08-28-2013 02:41 PM

Is she really part Percheron?
So, here's the deal. I got my mare, Willow, almost eleven months ago and up until this point I had no doubt that she was a QH/Perch as her advertisement stated. With that said, she has no papers and was a rescue - so, I'm wondering now if that was just an educated guess. I brought a trainer out and, when he saw her, he said he doubted she was part Percheron at all, and was likely just a really thick QH instead. SO, THIS IS WHERE YA'LL COME IN. I've only had one person say she doesn't look it, so I'd love to get your opinion.

On another note, Willow is 14.1hh and 13 years old. Her feet are massive compared to a paint/QH on-property, and they're very hard (but it's also really dry here). She's the toughest, hardiest horse I've ever had, and I absolutely adore her. She keeps her "thinking brain" even when she's scared out of her mind, and definitely has gas in the tank. She's the fastest thing I've ridden, but looking at her I swear you wouldn't know where it comes from lol.

Anyways, picture time! They go from least to most recent. I tried to provide shots that would give a decent idea of her body type etc. I will be taking a new conformation shot shortly, because the one I took of her a few weeks back was during a period of time where she was lame and therefore standing under herself all odd and such~

Thanks everyone!














Corporal 08-28-2013 02:53 PM

Percherons are born black, fade to dapple and get pale grey when they are pushing late teens. I can see the draft but not the Percheron. Beautiful horse!

Cruiser 08-28-2013 02:56 PM

Not all percherons are grey, some stay black.

Might be part percheron some crosses don't get the heights at all. Its hard to tell but I see a stocky horse that's really out of shape. Maybe once in shape she'll look less drafty? Interested in what others say.

demonwolfmoon 08-28-2013 03:01 PM

My perchxQh is 15 hands and a bright shiny sorrel. A lot of us here have similar crosses. The perch seems to give the bigger feet but thats not conclusive.
I know its terrible but heres one of the latest of my filly.
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SeemsLegit 08-28-2013 03:02 PM

@Corporal - She does have some dappling on her hindquarters, but otherwise she's just faintly fleabitten. And thank you!

@Cruiser - Thank you, as well! She's definitely very round right now, so I completely agree with you, but I'm finally able to start working her consistently again so I'm hoping she'll be fit within a month and a half or so.

@Demonwolfmoon - She's beautiful!<3

Cruiser 08-28-2013 03:07 PM

I think she is beautiful horse either way, but I would guess draft cross. Know what is like trying to get weight off a horse, my own is a little round too.

smrobs 08-28-2013 03:11 PM

While it's possible that she might have some draft in there (at most, I'd say 1/4...I honestly don't think she's half, if at all), it's also possible that she's a full QH. The big feet and legs and thick build don't negate the possibility of being full QH. Some of the ranch using lines and some of the old lines are built like that; designed to be heavy and hardy for long hours spent doing heavy work.

Heck, one of the reasons that the registered QH "Joe Hancock" was so thick and heavy was that he had Percheron in his background...but that didn't stop him from being a registered QH. That's one of the reasons why Hancock bred horses are still well known for their bone and hoof size, the prominence of feathering, and many are very thick built.

Whatever she is, she's a real beauty. That's the type of horse that can go on for weeks at a time and still be stronger than heck.

SeemsLegit 08-28-2013 03:25 PM

@Cruiser - Thanks again! And yeah, she's been lame for the past few weeks so I couldn't get her out regardless, but she's 100% now and all is good! Hoping to turn her into a lean, mean, barreling and trailing machine. c;

@smrobs - Yeah, that's along the lines of what my trainer said. I wish I had a way of finding out for sure, but I love getting everyone's opinions regardless, so thank you! And oh, definitely. She's a working horse, for sure. Her drive never ceases to amaze me!

CLaPorte432 08-28-2013 03:34 PM

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I absolutely see Percheron. A lot of Percheron
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DraftyAiresMum 08-28-2013 03:39 PM


Originally Posted by CLaPorte432 (Post 3486033)
I absolutely see Percheron. A lot of Percheron
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I'm with you. My boy is Percheron/paint and has that same coarse, wavy mane and tail that your girl has. Non-drafts tend to have finer mane/tail hair that isn't wavy/kinky in the same way that drafts are.
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