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Hayhaul 04-23-2009 09:03 AM

Whats up with this horse?
Hi everyone I am rewriting my post. I have a horse he is a ten yr. old gelding . By a pros point of view he is dead broke. Although I got him with problems and thought I fixed them some of them are reoccuring. Is it because of spring?
About three weeks ago it started again. Head tossing, rearing when another horse is to far ahead on a trail. Spinning in the ring bouncing on front end. His bucks are weak but do occur. You also could never get on the horse after you tack him up. So there you are evertime spinning the horse like he is a two yearold,backing him up. Yet in the middle of the woods no matter whats going on you can get off the horse do whatever it is you want to do and he will just stand there. Then to get back on him is not a problem. Additionally his ribs hang out on oneside, yet has subsantial muscle and fat. Pees alot up to three times in two hours, he stretchs out in a peeing stance more so. He has had lymes in the past year so doxy for 30 days. He really didnt seam better from the meds and levels where not sky high so who knows. The bit is good hes teeth where just floated and didnt really need it. Dewormer, rabbies, coggins are all up to date? I could go on and on. Basically I have been through alot with the horse and overall he is worth keeping because he is willing t0 do so much. So with some advice from chiro I am going to check his back and have it adjusted. Also going to check basic levels in his blood. Anyone have a clue, is there something in his diet or is he just stubborn. Anyway I hope this is more clear to read then the last post.
Thanks for any input

Jessabel 04-23-2009 03:30 PM

What do you feed him? If his diet has a lot of sugar in it, that could be a big part of the problem. I'd also get his legs and back checked for pain.

It could also just be the season. My horses get pretty nostalgic this time of year. When they go outside, they're like, "OMG! WHERE THE HECK AM I??? HEY THERE'S GRASS!!" lol

BackInTheSaddleAgain 04-23-2009 03:36 PM

My gelding was the same way! Even though he was gelded, he would have a fit every time the mares at the breeding farm near me were in heat.

Hayhaul 04-23-2009 08:46 PM

I have him in with just my Girl friends horse right now the live outside. She has a mare. I was not happy at first about putting them together. Its been 6 months total there togehter. He was with two gelding all summer and part of the fall prior. I can honestly say I was much happier with him then. Prior to that he was with another mare he always hung out with and yes acted stupid then ?

His diet consists of quality hay, and blue seals performance LS 12 fat 12 protien. Now grass as well

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