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TerciopeladoCaballo 08-29-2013 05:46 PM

Victory is carrot-flavored
Seven weeks went by since I visited my awesome trainer and took two lessons with my mare for equitation and stadium jumping.

Good lord, I gained a horse! I had a horse before, now I have... a horse, you know? I'd had the chiropractor out multiple times, struggled with the vet and local hunter instructor, which helped inch by inch, then it was like flicking a switch after visiting one seasoned, reputable trainer. Her downward transits had been bumpy, canter-to-trot was dreaded, and I just couldn't get a good leg yield without her stumbling or trying to bite at my leg or rush the movement. Turn midway and go down the centerline? Felt and looked a lot like a car hydroplaning.

Right when her topline developed from her hips to her neck, I began to be able to comfortably sit her trot--- and back up for this--- at any pace.

:shock: She's the nutcracker. No one has sat her trot for decent work and escaped without a raw spot in 3 years. I can finally prefer sitting her for as long as needed without feeling like my pelvis is being kicked. Not only that, but I've been able to ride her bareback (!!!) with even more ease. Is it really that strange that the thing I am loving most right now about this is that I can get up at 5am and ride in my pajamas with a halter on her? I did want and expect her to be easier to ride overall with training from a professional in my discipline, but woo! I did not count on being cozy doing it :D

I'm glad she looks happy as well. Right now I don't feel her canter is ready to work with much, and the jumps should only be trotted, with the exception of trot-ins canter-outs.

.... YES, I need to figure out my camera so I can upload Before and After shots! :wink:

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