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GamingGrrl 08-30-2013 01:22 AM

Hairstyles for schooling/Open show
Hi, all! So I'm going to try to squeeze in a few schooling and open shows before the weather gets totally horrible, and I was wondering what the appropriate hairstyle for halter and showmanship would be. Under saddle classes I have planned out, bun for eq and pony tail for trail and pleasure, and wearing my helmet. I don't have a hat, would my hair pulled back in a neat bun or pony work for in hand classes? Should I find a hat?

Thanks all, I'm totally new to showing and still learning the ropes but want to be as well turned out as possible. :-)

Little Mare 08-30-2013 01:32 AM

For halter, I usually show in business casual clothing at open shows and no hat - hair back, in a bun.

English showmanship - hunt cap and hair bunned. Western showmanship or western dress halter - hat and hair bunned.

I think a schooling show would likely be more lax, but even for small open shows, I think hats are appropriate.
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spurstop 08-30-2013 10:02 PM

You can wear your helmet in the halter classes if you don't have a hat.

Either put it in a bun, or a neat sleek ponytail. Straighten your hair and use an anti-frizz product if you go the ponytail route.

GamingGrrl 09-03-2013 06:05 PM

Thanks for the help guys! I'm going to go hatless because its just a small schooling show and over the winter I'll look for a hat for next show season. :-)
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spurstop 09-08-2013 12:29 PM

Check with your show before going hatless. If hats are required, you'll be DQed.

Zexious 09-08-2013 06:25 PM

^Always check the prize list (is that what they're called for Western, too? xD) first! Some shows can have some interesting requirements... It would bite to be DQ'd over something silly like that.

SorrelHorse 09-08-2013 06:53 PM

I always did my hair in a low bun with my hair net for shows, because straightening my psycho curls was a b**** and it was too frizzy. But I think a sleek ponytail is a great look.

I would definitely check on the hat rule too.

GamingGrrl 09-11-2013 06:24 PM

It's a schooling show. They're going to be surprised that I'm not in pajamas. :lol:

But for higher level shows in more horsey areas, I'll be checking the rules. Helmet, not hat though. I don't mess around with my noggin for a ribbon.
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