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Tayz 04-25-2009 05:20 AM

Confidence last week- 9. this week- 2.
Yeah, my confidence took another beating today.
Everything was all good for a while.
We did a few circles around the ring before our instructor told us we were going to go for a trail ride(or paddock ride as it was only in the paddocks). That was all good, except Sonnett want a little fast, but nothing what I couldn't handle. Then we went to the arena and was going to work on our trotting rythm. That is where everything went bad. First we were trotting in a small circle. nothing wrong there. Then we began trotting around the whole arena. Everything was fine. My rythm wasn't good because I was still trying to learn it. But then I got a stitch in my stomach. I didn't go up and down as much(not to mention me leaning forward out of habit) and Sonnett took that as an aid to canter or gallop(don't know which but it was really fast) The first time I just grabbed the pommel bit of the saddle and held on for several seconds before changing my mind and making him do a circle. He then slowed down. I got my stirrups back and I was really freaked but I didn't give up. After a minute break I was back trying to get the trotting rythm. But his buddy(girlfriend) Melody was in front of us and she was trotting faster and I wasn't going up and down as much and I was still leaning forward and so he ran toward Melody. This time I went flying forwards and it felt like slow motion. I knew I was going to fall off and all of a sudden a sat back and was making him do a circle. when he stopped i sat there shakily and readjusted my stirrups. And then all of a sudden my riding instructor was trotting over. and she was like "Are you alright? I was yelling instructions but I was scared you were going to fall off." and then I burst into tears(again) she told me what I was doing wrong and then she said "I am proud of you. Most beginners wouldn't have been able to keep on like that. You have very good balance." Then she lead me on a lead rope for the last 3 minutes until we were leaving the arena and heading in, then she unclipped it and let me walk Sonnett by myself back in.
But I am still really shaky about that. How can I get myself not to lean forwards or not to sit down while trotting. Is it also because I had a stitch?
Yeah, well my first lesson after 2 weeks was awful....

ChingazMyBoy 04-25-2009 05:38 AM

I'm going to let an advanced rider explain the answers to your questions. Even though I know the answers I would probley just confuse you. But heres one think I have to say: Never Give Up On Something You Love.

azarni 04-25-2009 02:29 PM

Maybe you should be riding a horse that is more suitable for beginners? Everybody starts somewhere, and the horse shouldn't take off just because you're leaning forward, especially a lesson horse.

Tayz 04-25-2009 08:56 PM

Sonnett is a very well schooled horse. He used to be a really good show-jumping. He is a beginner horse now at the riding club. Girls who are about 9 years old ride him. Personally I think he was kinda excited about being ridden(he hasn't been ridden for 2 weeks)...

azarni 04-25-2009 11:15 PM

Yeah, I guess even the best schooling horses can be fresh sometimes :)
But still, my riding instructor either does a quick lunge to get the beans out a few minutes before the lesson, or asks a more experienced student to hop on and ride for a while beforehand.

Like on Thursday, one of the lesson horses hadn't been ridden for several days and was spooking at the tractor. So my riding instructor rode him and taught me at the same time, and by the time the next lesson was around he was calm and ready for the beginners.

Countrygal892000 04-25-2009 11:41 PM

It sounds like you are trying to post way to much... and also it sounds as if the horse knows that you are not confident... if the horse is as schooled as much as you say then it also knows how to take advantage of you... stay confident that is a HUGE key... let the horse know that you are not scared... try to just get in a rhythm that is comfortable.. try not to think about how you are posting or how to do it... just feel it.. that is key... something that I learned when I was little was to close my eyes and have someone lead the horse in a straight line but make them trot.. it taught me how to feel the horse instead of thinking about it... don't try this without someone there.... and when you post you should lean forward.. but not a lot... don't post as if your trying to make the horse go... post with the horses rhythm and you won't get the feeling of going over the top of him if he stops all of a sudden...

Tayz 04-26-2009 01:05 AM

Thanks. Sonnett is usually a great horse to ride. I was the first person to ride him since his 2 week break...

Countrygal892000 04-26-2009 11:42 AM

It sounds like you really love this horse. Its great that you are riding him and showing him love... keep up with practicing and you will do great!!

HorseSavvy 04-26-2009 04:31 PM

Dude that's so scary!! Nice job staying on though!!

SaddleUp158 04-26-2009 07:32 PM

First of all I want to say good job on keeping your head even though you may have wanted to freak out. That is the first thing to learn! lol

I would ask for a few lunge-line lessons. These will help you figure out where your body needs to be and will do a lot for helping your balance. A lot of lunge line lessons are no stirrup lessons, but I would start off with your stirrups and once you are comfortable there, progress to no stirrup work. The nice thing about lunge-line lessons is that you can concentrate on yourself and not about controlling the horse. Good luck, and don't give up! You will get it!

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