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paws 04-25-2009 04:29 PM

Pre-Horse show Cleanups =)
We all cleanup our horses before going to shows, and I just wanted to know what is your routine to get and keep your horse as spiffy as possible.
My routine:
Clip- fetlocks, back and front
coronet bands
whiskers (on muzzle)
chinny chin hairs
throatlatch (brush to get long guard hairs)
Bridle Path
Pull mane, if needed, bang tail end
Comb out forelock

Bathe- Body with Orvus, Quic silver, or A shampoo with Aloe for rough coats
White markings with quic silver or White'n' Brite
Face with a damp slightly soapy sponge
Shampoo Mane and tail(if braiding, do not do this to mane or tail)
Condition Mane and tail(if braiding, do not do this to mane or tail)
Rinse white marking stuff last for a brighter effect
Scrape excess water
Cover with cooler
Tie until dry =) (you don't want your horse to become dirty again!)

weefoal 04-26-2009 07:26 AM

sounds really similiar to what we do

Total body clip, head clip, bridle path etc.

Sand hooves

Condition mane and tail

Slick dry then spray liberally with shosheen (to repel dirt etc) Then we hand walk them until dry. Then we put slinkies on them (head and body) to flatten the mane and keep them clean

I just found the best stuff for manes and tails or dry skin spots. Its called Olive Oil Hair and Scalp conditioner. I spray it in manes and tails and the bridle path where they tend to get dry skin. It makes the mane and tail just sparkle and really conditions dry skin. Love this stuff!

StormyBlues 04-26-2009 01:46 PM

Vacuum trailer
Put Shavings in trailer
Clean ALL tack
Wash bits
Load Everything except Halter, grooming kit, washing things, sleazy, tail bag, tail wrap, pillow wraps, bell boots, and stable wraps, braiding kit, hoof polish,
Give bath with quic silver and black, condition coat and spray with Vetrolin shine
Braid mane while wet
Bag tail after dry
Clip the newly cleaned hair
Put on sleazy
Wrap legs
Load everything that isnít needed in the morning
Clean stall as late as possible

ALYJOMOFO 04-26-2009 11:13 PM

have tack cleaned & ready to go
bathe - shampoo & condition coat
- shampoo mane & tail
squeegie off excess water
spray with coat conditioner & showsheen
put cooler/sheet on and wait to dry
load trailer while waiting
once damp-dry loosely braid & bag tail
body clip & face clip
sand hooves
clean stall & add extra bedding
wrap legs
overnight sheet on
fill haybags/do anything else you can think of
clean stall again & add more bedding

kershkova 04-29-2009 04:18 PM

.do barn clean stalls turn out horses give them breakfast ext.
eat lunch
bring horses that are going to the show in
tack up ride
give them baths
band and braid tails then towel
use a soft brush on their coats until dry
showsheen or shiny hinny over whole body
put slinky and sheet on
bring the other horses in
give the horses dinner

PoptartShop 04-29-2009 06:50 PM

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Prety much what everyone else said. :D
Showsheen, MTG, conditioner, definitely a bath!
The night before the show I usually put a light turn-out sheet on so the horse doesn't ruin their prettyness LOL. :lol: I polish my boots & tack as well, so it looks nice.
Trim the mane as well if needed. :D Braid the tail, & we're good!

paws 05-02-2009 10:48 PM

Also other than bathing our horses:
Clean Tack
Oil Tack (neatsfoot oil)
Put in bridle bag and saddle cover(along with schooling bridle and saddle)
Put hay bags and nets in trailer (full with hay, ready for morning)
Leather Halter and Nylon Halter on trailer (for backup)
Fleece shipping halter on stall
Shipping boots beside stall
Tack trunk in trailer
Load drycleaned show clothes and polished boots on trailer
Im sure i'll think of more things =)

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