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Starryeyed 04-25-2009 07:47 PM

color genetics help please!
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I have a yearling POA colt, Chex, that i have always considered chesnut, although he is MUCH brighter and prettier than other chesnuts Ive seen. im not based I swear...:-P For those of you that dont know POA's are a small Appy/QH cross, but they are their own breed and my boy is registered as breeding stock only. He is solid with a big gorgeous blaze, 2 matching back stockings and other appy characteristics (sclera, black markings on the white around his mouth, and a fist sized "dun spot" (its a white spot on his side). Also his mane and tail are very flaxen/chrome looking. Anyways, Im wondering what color he is if not chesnut? And if you think he will roan? His mom roaned out at age 2 and is a red roan I think. His dad is a fewspot chesnut roan I think. You can look him up, his names Incognito, the POA stallion. You can also look up Chex's pedigree on all breed pedigree under CR Sizzlin jet Chex, he has a lot of duns in his background. Thanks! Oh and the pics arent the best, they dont show his true glow.

weefoal 04-25-2009 07:56 PM

Hi There!

I think hes carrying Tobiano due to the high white socks with jagged edges. Also probably carrying splash (wide blaze that goes to lower lip)

I cant really see the spot but I suspect its what some call a Tobiano ghost spot. You cant have "dun" spots. A horse is either dun or its not. I see no dun characteristics at all :)

Also I would not call his mane and tail flaxen. They are chestnut like his body but they are a bit bleached by the sun.

I agree that he could appy out as I had an 18 month old solid sorrel that didnt get appy spots until 18 months.

It would be helpful to see pics of the sire and dam

Also keep in mind that Red Roan and Appy Roan are 2 entirely different genes.

Nice pony!


Eastowest 04-25-2009 08:12 PM

He's really cute! Chestnut is a term for "not black"-- there are an almost endless number of shades of chestnut ranging from the darkest liver to sandy golden. I would call your boy a chestnut... but another name that often means a lighter/brighter shade, used in stock horse breeds, is sorrell. Sorrell IMO is just another word for chestnut, but it might be more descriptive based on your colt's shade and his breed background.

I would also say he has sabino-- which makes his white markings big and flashy-- ie. taller back socks with "points" on the front top edge, a big blaze that covers his muzzle and lower lip.....

As far as roaning.... his sire appears to be a snow cap, which means that most if not all of his foals will be born with app characteristics and they will usually do some appaloosa roaning as they age. Its hard to say how much or how fast-- it really varies by horse. Also, sometimes horses with sabino will roan--- its not related to the appaloosa genetics-- its a seperate process-- your boy could actually eventually roan because of both sabino and app genetics, if that makes any sense, LOL.

I don't know if you have this, but here is a link to his sire Incognito--- scroll down to see his photo.

Eastowest 04-25-2009 08:25 PM

Splash might be possible, but I don't see any Tobiano in him, and since both of his parents are registered POAs, its pretty unlikely that its there, since the POA registry doesn't allow pinto type markings beyond socks and face white... and behind the POA is close-up QH and Appaloosa, neither of which would be likely tobiano sources either. High socks are also a trait of splash or sabino (although usually sabino makes higher back socks than front socks, and splash often makes taller front socks, for some reason).

Starryeyed 04-25-2009 08:28 PM

Wee foal- I called his spot a dun spot because that is what the breeders called it, not meaning that he is a dun, because I know he is not. Duns are one of my fave color so I know a lot about them, just nothing about appy colors lol. Thanks for the info on his dads color, he is pretty huh? Chex is really a lot lighter than in his pics, and he does have a flaxen mane, just not as much on his tail. Its been flaxen since birth and we live in Oregon, stalled, etc. so I know its not from the sun. Im almost positive that he will roan, although a little bummed, Id rather he stay solid. Oh and yes I know that link, those are the breeders that I bought my little Chexy from, they have great horses.

east- Thank you for the info on chesnut, it does say chesnut on his papers, so that terms good enough for me. Hes just much more golden than my chesnut and white pinto mare, now I know they are just different shades. Sabino is what Im guessing as he has so much white on his face and his little identical stockings. Thanks!

Qtswede 04-25-2009 08:58 PM

I'd go with calling him chestnut as well... as far as the roaning goes, if both mom & dan were roans, he's got a 75% chance of roaning himself.

Shawneen 04-25-2009 09:39 PM

I am confused, which is happening often it seems. I understand he is a POA. Just for sh**s and giggles let's say he were to be registered pinto, AQHA, or Appy.
AQHA wouldn't let him in with all that white on his face would they? Isn't that a pinto marking? But he doesn't have any pinto in him at all? Do appys have these markings?
Sorry, I'm not picking your baby apart, this is more for my own curiosity because East said POA doesn't allow white besides the face and socks, but isn't that face a pinto marking? Obviously not Quarter, I don't know much about Appys.

He really is very cute :) Seems like a doll too ;)

Ok let her rip weefoal!!!!!!!!

Starryeyed 04-25-2009 10:41 PM

Thats a good question, I wonder about that to sometime, although I know he is a POA, a lot of people think he is a paint.

And he has the absolute sweetest temperment ever. He is very bonded to people, tends to be a little mouthy and to playful sometimes! :evil: I love him so much, he has a nice slow walk, knows all verbal cues and ground work already. You can't really tell in the pics but he has a super kind eye and refined head, he gets so many compliments on how kind and darling his face is. I couldnt be happier with him, cant wait to see how his color turns out. Thanks for the replies!

Shawneen 04-25-2009 11:05 PM

When I was younger after I'd been riding for sometime I got an Appy Stud that was 9 years old and had just been sitting in a pasture. He was the kindest, calmest horse ever. We cleaned him up (he had matted baling wire in his tail, it was horrible) and gelded him and he was a great riding horse, other than the fact that he was L A Z Y LOL I outgrew him pretty quickly as I was getting into my teens and we sold him to another girl I rode with. I don't know much about them and all I have to go by as far as Appy's go is him, and that's not much. A good horse is a good horse - all there is to it.
Sounds like you got you a good one and he's got a good owner - all that matters!!!
Give him a scratch for me!

Mrs John 04-26-2009 05:47 AM

Sorry, what is POA?

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