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faye 09-01-2013 05:33 AM

Reeco's CHAPS championship show *lots of photos/videos*
well on wednesday I went down to the Coloured horse and pony society championships (known as CHAPS champs) held at the rather grandly named Arena UK. Reeco had gained all his qualifications on his first ever show.

Arrived at about 5pm on wednesday, unfortunatly it seems that the BSPS champs the week before had ruined the grass parking so we were rather crammed in on the hard standing. We got Reeco's stable set up and popped him in it. Hadf some food and then I decided to work Reeco in one of the arena's to see what we had.
Tacked him up and wandered over to find a quiet corner of Arena UK's acres of surfaces. It did not start well with Reeco bolting twice when I asked him to canter on the right rein, finaly got some sensible work out of him and called it a day.

Thursday Reeco had the home produced Ridden class first, I rode this one very carefully and was pretty much a passenger praying that he would behave. He did but was quite flat and he wrong legged in his individual show but we managed a 6th place which I was very pleased with.
He was unplaced in his inhand final but when you have the likes of Winchester D (multi HOYS winner) in there I wasnt expecing anything.
videos of ridden class:
Chaps Champs 1 - YouTube
IMG 2433 - YouTube
IMG 2459 - YouTube




Settled him back in his stable and broke out the wine!

Friday inhand Sports pony we were 6th, then cue me panicing as I realised we were in the main indoor for our ridden class, bunting, flowers, lights and heat!!!
Reeco Bless him didnt look at anything and I felt as though he was in a place mentaly that I could pick him up and ride him properly so a much better go round, pulled in 7th initialy which I was disapointed with but he came out and went beautifully in his individual so got pulled up to 5th
IMG 2620 - YouTube


6th inhand part bred welsh, 4th inhand SHP.
Then his ridden novice final, Reeco warmed up beautifully, went in and it was an enormous class with lots of late entries, Did the go round and unfortunatly one pony lost her brakes in the canter and used Reeco's bum as a brake. As you know Reeco has issues with things behind the saddle and immediatly tensed up into a tightly coiled little ball of panic! I was at the point where I realy couldnt have done anything about it so thought sod it and kicked him forwards thinking I could at least point him into the fence if he did go. Suprisingly when I kicked him on he relaxed a bit and lost the explosive feel but was still tense for the rest of the class. they also seemed to keep us cantering for a long time. we were initialy pulled 8th out of 16!!!!
In his individual, he was still very tense but also felt very tired and our extension was not up to much. Ended up unplaced but very happy with my pony!


Jake and Dai 09-01-2013 08:09 AM

Congratulations faye and Reeco! The pictures are lovely and whilst it sounds like there were a few tense moments, it also sounds like it was a great few days for the pair of you. You really must be proud of your boy. :-)

ETA: and the picture of you and your well deserved glass of wine is awesome! That would so be me! LOL

faye 09-02-2013 06:55 AM

Thanks Jake&dai, Reeco tried so hard to please bless him. In every ridden photo he has his "concentrating" face on!

Skyseternalangel 09-02-2013 07:06 AM

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Well done you two!

He is such a handsome horse, and you just fit so wonderfully on his back :) Always like seeing you two.

faye 10-03-2013 03:19 PM

well I got my sore sheet back for the ridden novice final, I'm very very pleased with him, we were 9th overall so just out of the placings. He had an awsome conformation score but was let down by his ride mark (unsuprising as the judge asked for a gallop and Reeco was to knackered to show one!)

Boo Walker 10-04-2013 09:56 AM

How I've missed pics of you and Reeco! Looking good!!

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