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Spyder 04-26-2009 06:53 PM

Horse show with a difference
I had mentioned this before. This was very successful on another forum and I am sticking to a format and classes that I am more familiar with.

The main difference with this contest is that I want HF members to help out in the judging. I would like ideally 3 judges per class but can work with 2 or even 1 if I have to.

Basic rules for entrants:

1) You must be the rider in all hunter, cross-country and gallop, jumper, equitation and dressage classes, whether over fences or undersaddle. No friends, no Olympians, no siblings. For models, the horse/pony must be one that you own, lease, or ride often. Show attire is not required, but baggy clothing may hinder a judge's ability to assess.

2) Photos to be submitted on a seperate thread I will start after all classes and judges have been selected. I am aiming for May 15/09 to start this competition and when you do submitt your photo it must include your HF username, horse's name, and class name. Please try to keep files from being excessively large or small.

3) Model classes to be judged with horse standing alone, sans tack, rider, blanket, or leg protection, and should be in profile. Over fences classes to be judged with horse being ridden over a fence of the appropriate height. Flat, pleasure, and dressage classes to be judged with horse being ridden at a trot or canter, or in dressage, executing an appropriate movement. Classes must have at least 2 entries to run but some classes may be combined (eg. 2'3" with the 3').

4) Only one photo of horse/rider combination is allowed per class.

7) Photos that do not abide by the basic or class rules will be not be judged and you will be advised with an opportunity to provide a subsitute picture.

Basic rules for judging:

The only criteria is that you not be entered in classes you're judging, and that you have some familiarity with the standard/guideline.

Ideally, judges will score each picture on a scale of 0-100, lowest being worst for the category, highest meaning best example, and give comments. If you don't have time to leave comments but are able to score the entries, please say so!

I'd like to have all judges in place by May 15th, as well.

Judges are currently needed for all classes. If you'd like to judge, please PM me! I will accept any anonomous judging but I do need to know that you have some familiarity in the area you wish to judge.

Here's the class list. What this thread is for is to organize the judges and determine if any classes are redundant, add any or clarify what I have listed as a starting list.

So here is what I have so far.

Hunters: Horse to be judged to the hunter standard, assessing conformation, athletic ability, presence and style.

Pony model
Pony U/S
Pony O/F
2'0 -2'3"
2'6" +

Horse model
Horse U/S
2'3'' - 2'6''
2'9'' - 3'0''
3'3'' - 3'6''+

Jumpers: Both horse and rider judged on suitability and talent for the jumpers; meaning accuracy, athleticism and scope.

Up to 3'0''
3'3'' - 3'6''
3'6 +

Equitation: Style and effectiveness of rider to be judged on the flat and O/F.

Eq on the flat

2'3'' - 2'6''
2'9'' - 3'3''
3'6 +

No stirrups/bareback

Other disciplines

Dressage- Horse to be judged on suitability for dressage. Rider to be judged on position and effectiveness.

I am dividing this between Division A....lower level dressage with basic W/T/C and Division B...any horse rider showing something above the basic gaits.

Cross-Country- Horse and rider to be judged for suitability jumping an obstacle found on cross-country to include position and effectiveness of rider, scope, bravery and athleticism of horse over the fence.

Best Gallop- Horse judged at gallop undersaddle for power and reach, rider's galloping position judged as well.

Worst Eq O/F- Most unsafe, unstylish equitation possible.

Worst Eq Flat- Most unsafe, unstylish equitation possible. All disciplines welcome.

Worst Form O/F Horse- Must be horse owned/leased/ridden by HF member. Poorest, most unsafe form over a fence.


Special classes: The following classes can be English or Western and must be a photo of horse owned/ridden/leased by HF member and/or photo was taken by HF member.

Best Headshot- Judged on quality of horse and photo.

Cutest Picture- Judge's call man.

Best Tongue Shot- If there's tongue involved, it's in.

Best Candid- Photo should be taken in a "natural" setting, meaning rider is no necessarily aware of photo being taken.

Artistic Shot- Must be taken by HF member. To be judged on composition, difficulty of shot, effect of color, lighting and content.

Best Funny Ears- Must be a horse you know, and must not have caused harm to horse (though embarrassment is fine). Accessories are OK, but pic may not be entered in any other special class e.g. cutest headshot.

Baddest Horse- Any sort of picture that displays how bad your horse is.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words- A picture that best tells a story with no words.

Biggest Crusty- Funny clothes, weird tack, poor eq, ugly horse, backyard all the way.

Best Fall/Refusal- Funniest or most dramatic fall off of a horse or refusal at a fence.

Old School Division- Photo must be at least 10 years or older, and include a HF member and their horse. The older the better. Do not confuse with Crusty please (though it can be a little crusty).

Fattest Horse- Self-explanatory.

Best "OH $@%^#*" Moment- Self-explanatory.

Most Mismatched Horse and Rider- The total opposite of suitability. Riders who are either much too big or too small for their mount.

Most *^$#&(($#$ off horse- Self-explanatory.

I am open to suggestions but want to keep it fairly simple both for me (to organize) and for the judges that will be giving up some of their time. :-P

So this thread is open for class suggestion or revision to what I have posted and to get any offers to help judge.

JUDGES...You can enter the contest in any class you are not judging. :-P

ilovemyPhillip 04-26-2009 11:05 PM

*ignore me for the moment*

Spyder 04-26-2009 11:09 PM

Hold the picture posting as the contest will not start before May 15 when all classes are in place and judges selected.

No problem Ilovemyphillip. I am sure everything will be ready to go very soon.

ohmyitschelle 04-26-2009 11:29 PM

What an awesome idea Sypder... I'll have to go see if I've got something suitable for at least ONE class lol.

Spyder 04-26-2009 11:41 PM


Originally Posted by ohmyitschelle (Post 296501)
What an awesome idea Sypder... I'll have to go see if I've got something suitable for at least ONE class lol.

Remember that I need judges as well and would like at least 2 judges per class. The judge has to score the entries in the class from 0-100 with a brief comment of why the score or a funny(or serious comment) on the picture. Please PM me with what you would like to judge ( no limit other than your time) and you can still enter the contest...just not the classes you choose to judge.

I am hoping the mods get involved in this contest as I am trying to make it interactive for all possible members without being cumberson. So any "speciality" class missed that would be nice can be added.

I saw some horsey stick art in chat today so is anyone interested in adding that ??????????

ohmyitschelle 04-26-2009 11:47 PM

Oh how I wish I had a good enough eye to judge something spyder... I hope the mods get in on it too... I'll give you a pm if I feel I can help in anyway :)

morganshow11 04-28-2009 04:24 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Diamond! He is skinnier now though lol.
An NO it is not a worm belly (the vet said he was just a tubby lol)

Spyder 04-28-2009 05:10 PM

Nice picture morganshow but the contest will not start until we get most of the judges on board. Looking at May 15th (this gives the members an opportunity to snap any picture for classes they wish to enter).

So HF members look over the classes and PM me or post on this thread which classes you would like to judge. You can pick more than one and more than one judge is hoped for for each class.

MODS...I really would like your input here also as it would be nice to have an annual show where everyone can help out with something !

Spyder 04-28-2009 05:52 PM

I have one judge now confirmed for...............

Equitation on the flat

Best Gallop

Artistic Shot

Old School Division

Best "OH $@%^#*" Moment

Spyder 04-28-2009 11:04 PM

Now have 1 judge for the following

Cutest Picture-
Best Funny Ears-
Baddest Horse

And 2 judges for

Artistic Shot-

I cannot accept more than 3 judges for any single class.:-P

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