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OnlySamwise 04-27-2009 03:02 AM

What is this?
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Is it like rain rot or something? I have no idea what it is. Before she only had one spot (I think the higher one) . . . I'm not sure when she got the other one. Will MTG take it away?

Twilight Arabians 04-27-2009 04:34 AM

I dont think its anything, she probably been rubbing alot, in the spring they get real itchy because there shedding and sometimes the scratch too hard, lol, normally rain rot is something they get on there back/ butt. if i were you i would just leave it be, your like me, i freak over every little thing. maybe it is something, but i dought it.

weefoal 04-27-2009 06:22 AM

Looks like she scraped her head on something. And yes Mtg on there will get the hair to grow back in quickly


Jillyann 04-27-2009 07:04 PM

yeah, i wouldnt be too worried. like TA said.. its probably just from shedding and itching..

MyBoyPuck 04-28-2009 07:28 PM

A&D Ointment works well for growing in small spots too.

OnlySamwise 05-02-2009 10:57 PM

Ok thanks. Ya I think she hit her head on something too. It looks like the top one now (like healed kinda). Is it ok to put MTG (or A&D Ointment) above her eye right there? Is it too close to her eye?

trashcore 05-03-2009 08:29 AM

Make sure you don't get it in the eye and it'll be fine. :)

Vidaloco 05-03-2009 10:10 AM

Do be careful what you use around the mouth and eyes. Maybe some Neosporin or any topical that is thick and won't run into the eyes.
Shiloh had a spot of a fungus looking thing next to her mouth I just used Listerine on :lol: Figured if it got in her mouth she would just be fresh and minty.

OnlySamwise 05-04-2009 01:29 AM

Well I put swat on it the other day now it's like all healed. I'm just asking about the MTG cause it'd be nice if the hair would grow back faster. Ok thanks.

cowgirl4jesus94 05-04-2009 11:40 AM

Looks like he's just been rubbing. Splash rubbed like all the hair from under his eyes. But it growing back now.

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