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stacieandtheboys 04-27-2009 11:50 AM

Nursing Mama feed question
My boys pony foaled last month and I am worried she isnt getting enough to eat. Her ribs arent showing or anything but I know how quickly the can lose weight. I currently feed her 1/2 lb Horsemans Edge 12/6 pellets 2 times a day and most of the time she has full access to a round bale unless she is in the stall in which she gets 1 flake 2 times a day...all the water she can drink. I have no idea how much she weighs ahe is about 12 ish hands give or take. I asked the vet after the baby was born if I needed to feed her more and he said no, but I am not so sure. The pic in my avatar and in my barn were taken last week.

mls 04-27-2009 12:01 PM

We grain our nursing mares 3x a day. Saves from huge meals and maintains the energy and weight.

Hay and water free choice.

stacieandtheboys 04-27-2009 12:18 PM

hmm i wish i could feed 3 times a day but I am usually not here mid day.

mls 04-27-2009 12:20 PM

I feed at 5:30 a.m., my husband feeds 3:30 - 4:00 p.m. and then bed time feed is between 9 and 10 p.m.

We also feed a youth formula for the nursing mares. When the foals start showing an interest, we give them a handful in another bucket. When they start eating more than nibbles, we creep feed them.

stacieandtheboys 04-27-2009 12:27 PM

Hmm a late night feed work work! i hadn't though of that. Duh. Thanks so much!

MN Tigerstripes 04-27-2009 12:47 PM

How much does she weigh? I can get you the NRC requirements, not sure if you want to go that in depth though. :-)

stacieandtheboys 04-27-2009 01:05 PM

I have no idea how much she weighs. I wish I did.

MN Tigerstripes 04-27-2009 02:23 PM

You can use this formula

Adult horses:
lb body wt= (heart girth in inches squared * length in inches) / 330

This gives a pretty good approximation.

MN Tigerstripes 04-27-2009 02:25 PM

Check this website for where to measure

weefoal 04-28-2009 03:01 PM

I like to give our ponies 16 percent feed while they have a nursing foal. Especially if they are prone to being pulled down by a foal. Cant really see her much in that picture. A good way to know is if the backbone is up the horse is too thin.

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