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Walkamile 04-27-2009 05:25 PM

Loose horse
Went on a wonderful trail ride Sunday with a couple friends from the club who also live just above me. First time out for all of us (too much yard work ect...but finally decided we needed to play a bit :wink:).

So there we are on the road, dirt, very little use, and all of a sudden I notice the gelding my friend is ponying is no longer attached. And there is a truck coming towards us (couple good ole boys coming back from mudding).

Put my hand up for them to stop, and then Impressive (the gelding) realizes "hey I'm not tied" and decides to come over and say Hello to T. Both horses were very calm and friendly so no issues there and I was able to reach out and get the halter.

My friend tied the line to the halter (the chain part had simply come out of the line from age) and off we went.

The guys in the truck were so awesome, not only did they pull over to the opposite side of the road, they put it in park and shut the motor. Talk about above and beyond!! Great guys.

So our first "pre-season" test ride went fairly well, but really empathized CHECK OUT ALL EQUIPMENT PRIOR TO USE! :lol::oops: Good lesson for us all.

Any one else have an interesting/funny "pre-season" test ride story?

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