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orangetictac 04-27-2009 05:36 PM

Simply Red - Eventing horse
I couldn't really decide if I should put this in the jumping or the dressage I just generalized it...

Recently I've seen this horse named Simply Red. All I know about him so far is that he came in second at the 2001 Rolex Kentucky Three day with Phillip Dutton riding. What else does anyone else know about him and where can I find his pedigree?

Of course I'm not buying the horse or anything...I've just been given contact with this horse and want to know a little more about his past accomplishments. I just met him earlier today and so far all I can say is that he's very dreamy...very tall...and he seems very very sweet...although I haven't seen him out of his stall.


eventerdrew 04-27-2009 09:59 PM

At the 2001 Rolex, he was named Best Conditioned Horse and won the Carimati Cup. As far as I know, Phillip considered him to be one of the better horses he's competed at Rolex.

orangetictac 04-28-2009 06:52 AM

Thanks Drew...there's no question he's an amazing horse...even without knowing much about his past.

brownhorseDQ 05-11-2009 12:36 AM

it is often really hard to track eventers. most are OTTBs that may or may not have had a name change, and they can start off with lower level riders and be sold "up" occassionally aquiring a name change then as well. it's not QH where the name sticks forever, and they may only do a few events a year, and even the best horses don't always finish up near the top for whatever reason... i wonder what he's been up to since 2001, looks like he sort of dropped off the radar.
i find it very interesting he managed to find his way to sumter... although his current trainer/rider leads a charmed life, and always seems to have one of a kind horses fall into her lap. it will be interesting to see where she takes him.
my old trainer was an eventer, and many times horses are sent to big names to train up, and then given back to lower level riders... her horse back then had been ridden for 3 years by stuart black (canadian event coach) before she got him back... and she had a mare at the O'conners....
so it's hard to say where he's been, or where he came from.

ridingismylife2 05-19-2009 07:10 AM

theres a simply red at my riding school xD
Soo uncomfy to ride! :P


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