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DriftingShadow 09-02-2013 12:36 AM

Pedigree suited for barrels?
Okay guys. About 2 months ago I purchased a 4 year old sorrel Appendix gelding. He is the bane of my existence and yet I love him to death! He has been in training for eventing and has continued the training with me.

I have never known much about QH lines, but a friend casually mentioned to me when I bought him "that horse is a wasted jumper. Barrel race him". Never thought much about it. Today a friend at the barn commented that he looked like he might make a nice barrel horse. I told her "I've heard that before. I think his QH lines focus on barrel racing and QH racing. He was used in QH racing". So then she wanted to know who was on his papers. So I showed her.

His dam is little French Rose, a daughter of Frenchmans guy. Who is apparently a popular barrel stallion? and then she threw out a bunch of other names she recognized and got another girl involved and then proceded to convince me I was dumb as heck for not barrel racing this horse. They reccommended I send him to a barrel trainer and then sell him for big bucks.

So *ahem* my question is- Is it stupid to be trying to go into a different direction with this horse? I know nothing about barrels! And he doesnt either! He is great at jumping and seems to love what he does. We work together great and I'm a little selfish and cant help but think I dont want to sell him for another discipline :oops: So my barrel HF friends- would it really be worth it to send him off to a barrel trainer? Am I "stupid" if I don't? Would I really be passing up the chance for a lot of money? Thanks for the opinions!

Here he is on all breed:

Cadoc Cheval Appendix

Phly 09-02-2013 01:02 AM

Throw a saddle on them papers and see where it gets ya.

Pedigrees only mean they know who how and when. Pretty good lines by the way. Not super cowy but nice.

Try barrel racing. Some will some wont. It's so hard to say not knowing the horse really.

I'd try it. Worst that'll happen is it ain't y'all's thing and life goes on. It happens. Try to have fun with it though.
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DriftingShadow 09-02-2013 01:07 AM

Thank you Phly! You answered my question :)
And I agree, you can't ride papers.
So I am going to ignore his "breeding" and stick with eventing for now. Its what we both know and we both enjoy it. Thank you for helping me feel secure in my opinion :)

AriatChick772 09-02-2013 01:59 AM

What! Giants Causeway, Frenchmans Guy, Go Man Go AND Storm Cat! I bet that baby can fly! I've always wanted a Storm Cat horse.. geez I'll train him for ya! Send him down to Alabama lol!! He'd make a great asset to our training program!! Lol!
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DriftingShadow 09-02-2013 02:05 AM


Originally Posted by AriatChick772 (Post 3524961)
What! Giants Causeway, Frenchmans Guy, Go Man Go AND Storm Cat! I bet that baby can fly! I've always wanted a Storm Cat horse.. geez I'll train him for ya! Send him down to Alabama lol!! He'd make a great asset to our training program!! Lol!
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He indeed can! BUT only on his terms. I have noticed that he seems to have the need for speed when around other horses. If they are all running up from the pasture he will stand and watch and then shoot up from the back. He also cannot stand other horses loping in front of him on a trail ride (so I bet you can guess what we've been practicing on trail rides :wink: )

Other than that he is sometimes, bleh, about really moving. He is so quirky. You have to ask nicely for speed or he slams on the brakes. The girl I bought him front used a crop a lot because she said he was incredibly lazy. I have yet to have to use one, but I believe that her doing so made his stubborn cheeky self resist going even more. He was originally used in QH racing but was labeled by his trainer as being lazy as well. He wants to run, when HE wants to run. He will still canter/gallop if you ask him too, but hes not going to give it his all if he doesnt think he wants to. I'm working on that.

He is a fugly little thing right now to be honest. I am hoping with some weight and proper muscling he will come into his own. :lol:

AriatChick772 09-02-2013 02:50 AM

Oh he'll muscle up! I started out English before I decided to venture into barrel racing about 11 years ago lol, I LOVE off the track horses! Just do lots of long trotting, carrying his body properly, rollbacks and lots of work going up and down hills, I personally like to back them up hills! Sounds like you've got an awesome horse! Take him on a big stretch and push him into a gallop, don't touch his mouth just let him run, use your body and legs to urge him forward, he probably isn't used to really stretching out and running without a lot of contact, jockeys can be tight on their mouths!
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beau159 09-02-2013 10:31 AM

If I were looking for a barrel prospect based soley on pedigree, this one would catch my eye.

However, as already mentioned, the pedigree doesn't not guarantee a horse will do well on barrels.

If eventing if your thing, then do it. Don't pursue a certain discipline just because someone said you should with your horse because they've got the blood lines for it. Pursue a discipline because it interests YOU and so long as your horse enjoys it.

smrobs 09-02-2013 11:12 AM

Wow, I don't even follow barrel lines and this guy's papers take my breath away.

I agree with Beau though, do whatever you want with him. Papers don't guarantee a good barrel horse even with the right training. Ability is important but it's heart that decides the winner.

If both you and he enjoy eventing, then that's what you need to do with him.

BarrelRacer23 09-02-2013 02:44 PM

Just because a horse is bred for something doesn't always mean they'll do it well. He is bred nicely for it and probably could be a barrel horse, but there's no guarantee he'd be great at it.

I've seen horses bred just as well have no desire to run and be sold as trail horses or only make a 3D/4D horse in the end. Then I've seen and owned horses with no barrel pedigree to speak of excel at barrels.

If you both enjoy eventing, keep eventing. Papers are just a good guess at what your horse can do, but they don't have to define them.
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TxMarine 09-04-2013 05:53 AM

Papers don't mean a darn thing.

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