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WaveHorse2 09-02-2013 11:23 AM

Collaborative story please take part!
Ok, so someone did this, and I thought it was wicked! :P . So I thought, hey, why not do the same? :D. So please add!! (And feel free to add a lot at a time :P)

Megan Smith woke up early. It was Saturday today and she and her friends were going to the mall! She dressed in one of her many designer outfits. She pulled on a short pink skirt, which sat fairly tight. She put on a dark pink tank top and put on a neon pink jacket. She took out her favorite pink high-heels and pink purse. Oh, how she loved the color pink! She looked around her bedroom. Of course, it was different shades of pink. Her one wall was covered with posters of Taylor Launtner, Josh Hutcherson and other hot movie stars/ models. She walked down the long hallway to her mother's room. "Daddy, I need money for my day out," she mock-moaned to her dad. Her dad handed her about $300. "Thanks daddy," she said and kissed her dad's cheek. She rushed down the spiral staircase. It took her a while to get to the front door, since the house was so big! Outside, she slid into her hot pink sports car. It had three red lines running in the middle of the roof.
"Check that guy out!" Talia, a pretty brunette and one of Megan's friends said. They were at the food court, each eating a salad. Meg's whole group was there, all seven girls. She looked at the guy. He was HOT! He had sand-blonde hair, tan skin, and blue eyes. But he was dressed in riding gear. "Gross. Looks like he likes rolling in horse muck," Morgan, a mysterious black haired girl sneered. Meg didn't hear her. It was love at first site.
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