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WaveHorse2 09-02-2013 11:41 AM

Collaborative story.
Megan Smith got up. She yawned and yanked her sheets back. Today she and her seven friends were going shopping. She pulled on a pink designer outfit and combed her white-blonde hair. She looked around her room. It was all different shades of pink. Oh, how she loved pink! She walked down the long hallway to her dad's room. "Daddy. I need money. We're going shopping for new outfits today," she mock-moaned. Her dad handed her about $400 without blinking. After all, her family was filthy rich. She ran down the spiral staircase and slid into her hot pink sports car.
Meg and her friends were sitting at the food court. "Look at that hunk," Morgan, a pretty brunette said. Meg looked at the guy Morgan was pointing at. He was handsome. He had sandy blonde hair, a tan skin, and blue eyes. But, he was dressed for horse riding! "Looks like he likes to roll in horse muck," Talia, a mysterious black-haired girl sneered. Meg didn't care, it was love at first sight!

Feel free to add, and don't be scared to add a lot. Please chime in! :D
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farmpony84 09-02-2013 12:14 PM

Setting her cola aside Meg stood and wiped the wrinkles from her high class outfit. She ran her pink coated nails through her hair, checked her makeup in a near by window and after taking a deep breath, waltzed right up to that sandy haired blue eyed boy. He was standing at the Burger Chef and had just collected his change from the girl at the register. He turned with his bag in hand and just about knocked Meg to the ground.

"Watch it Barbie." He grumbled as he grabbed her arm to keep her from falling. When he was certain she had regained her balance, he let go. He stood there glaring at her for a moment. He was several inches taller then Meg so she had to look up to make eye contact. She gave one of her best smiles, her charm, after all was all she had ever needed to pull off a date. He looked her up and down, the glare never leaving his ocean colored eyes.

"You Ok?" he asked. When she giggled her signature laugh he nodded and walked off. Seriously? He walked off? Meg stared after him in disbelief.

WaveHorse2 09-02-2013 12:46 PM

Sorry, couldn't resist adding more!! :O :P

Meg slowly walked back to her friends. "Well. Looks like you got the guy even sooner than usual," snorted Ashley, a golden-redhead goddess. "He just walked away," Meg said, still dazed. "That's it! Nobody messes with my friends," Delia, a sexy light brunette said. She stormed to the guy that was now sitting and eating peacefully. After about five minutes she came back. "He said it's because you can't ride!" She shrieked in anger. "Oh my word! That's rude," Angelica, a sweet black head girl said. "But of course, I knew you'd run off and tell your dad to buy you a horse. So.... Well, he rides at Greenwood stables," Delia said. After that everybody teased each other for a while before the girls went back to their shopping.
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farmpony84 09-02-2013 07:28 PM

The next morning Meg approached her father with her usual bravado. "Daddy, I decided I need a new hobby. I want you to buy me a horse. A big one. And I want to keep it at Greenwood stables." She grabbed an apple from the fruit basket and twirled her corn silk hair. Her father set his paper down and scooted his glasses down so he could look over them at her.

"You don't know the first thing about horses". He continued reading his paper.

"I know they're pretty." She bit into her apple and plopped down beside her.

He folded his paper and set it down. "I've given you everything you've ever asked for."

"I know." She smiled sweetly. "and I'm thankful for that".

"Are you?" He asked. "I think. This time things will be different."

Tex1904 09-03-2013 10:38 AM

"what do you mean dad?"Meg asked.
"You're going to have to work for you so called "horse", I'll pay for it but I'm not going to get a groom." her dad replied
Meg nodded and walked To her room. The next morning she climbed in her pink sports car and went a horse sale.
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WaveHorse2 09-04-2013 01:41 PM

Everyone at the sale gave her weird looks. She didn't look like a horse person. She walked around, looking at the horses. She saw a few pretty ones, but none that really caught her eye. She went home without a horse.

"Where's your horse?" Her dad asked, raising an eyebrow.
"There were none that I liked. I think I'll check online," Meg sighed. Her dad nodded and went back to his TV show.

Meg went up the stairs and opened her hot pink laptop. She searched, and finally came to a website for off the track thoroughbreds. The most pretty and retrained horses were sold. Meg sighed. Her eyes wandered over the page and a big bay caught her eye. She read through it's page. Name: Sweet Issobel, Gender: mare, Sire: unknown, Height: 16.6 hh, Price: $1000.
"Ok," Meg murmured. She dashed downstairs and told her dad about the horse. He slowly nodded. "Fine. Call the owner and ask if we can go see him on Thursday," her dad said. "Thursday....." Meg said thoughtfully. "It's Monday, that means I have three days to shop for some cute riding clothes," Meg shrieked.
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farmpony84 09-04-2013 02:31 PM

She grabbed the telephone and called Delia because she couldn't wait for morning to share the news.

"16.6" Delia said. "That's - "

"Huge! I know!" Meg broke in. "I'll be he'll be the biggest horse in the barn!" She was giddy with excitement.

"Oh Meg." Delia sighed. "You have so much to learn. Are you sure this is the horse for you? A race horse isn't going to be the most appropriate horse to learn to ride on and you know so little."

"What do you mean? Know so little." Meg put the phone on speaker so she could twist her hair into a little bun at the base of her neck, practicing for her new look.

"Well..." Delia said quietly, "For one thing, there is no such thing as a 16.6 horse." She sighed before asking "Can I come with you to look at this horse?"

Chokolate 09-07-2013 01:01 AM

"Delia," Meg sniffed. "I am a human being. I am not stupid. In fact, Daddy thinks I'm very intelligent. I know that horse is just fine, just 'cos you're too wimpy to ride such a huge one..."

She hung up.


Later, the two of them met at the shops, like they usually did on a Saturday afternoon. They talked over sugar-free juices in the food court before they got back onto the subject of horses.

"Now, as for shopping." She reached into the diamonte-studded pocket of her bleached, tight jeans. "I made a list." With a crackle, she flipped open a sheet of lilac paper and began to read.

"Item one: some of those gorgeous jeans I see the world-class riders wearing. With the fringy bits and the sparkly things, and of course a huge leather belt with a shiny silver buckle for accessories. Item two: some of those cute-as shoes they wear, with a pointed toe. Only, I want a lot more heel than you see those riders wearing. Items three, four, five, six, seven, down to fifty-four: riding shirts with blouses and neckties, in all different colours and styles. Particularly important is the Sailor Navy, Sapphire Dream, and Lolly Lilac styles."

Delia's eyebrows had hit the roof. "Meg, darling," she said placatingly, "That's really lovely, but, you forgot some of the essentials."


"'ll need some sun protection, and probably a helmet while you're learning, you know; get a helmet and a Western hat. And you need some paddock boots, for mucking out and poop-scooping the paddocks..."


"Yes, dear. And also, I really need to go with you to see that horse."

Shoppers were pushing past them impatiently. Meg ignored them. "And why is that?"


"I'm fine, Delia. I can buy a horse on my own, you know. It really isn't that hard."

With that, she wiggled her way into the crowd and was caught up in the stream, leaving Delia standing, staring open-mouthed after her friend.

WaveHorse2 09-11-2013 12:54 AM

The next Saturday Meg was cruising in her sports car to a farm an hour away. In the passenger seat sat Delia. She had to beg Meg to come along, but Meg finally gave in. Meg was in a pink riding shirt and black jodphurs. She had on a pair of cowboy boots, since she's been told that the horse is trained for western. At Delia's feet laid one of those western helmets that were disguised as a hat. After a while Meg turned down a road and pulled to a stop in front of an old farm house that was falling apart. They were surrounded by old, broken down fences. They got out, Meg clutching the helmet under her arm. A girl that looked about 15 came out of the house. "Hi! I'm Anna," she said and held out her hand. Meg and Delia shook it and introduced their selves. The girl gave a puzzled glance at the helmet. "Did you bring a little girl?" She asked. "No," Meg said confused. "Ok....well let's take a look at my little boy," she said. They walked around the house into a shabby old barn. They poked their heads over the third stall. Meg shrieked. Before her stood a very small horse. "You said he is 16.7 hh!" She said. "No! He is 6.1 hh" Anna said. "But...... But.." Meg stammered. "It must have been a typo," Anna sighed.
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Samstead 09-29-2013 04:28 PM

I just typed out tons and then my computer just went back a couple pages and deleted it!

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