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NNormi2007 09-03-2013 12:07 PM

New to English help me please!
My daughter is 6yrs old. She has been trying very hard to ride an aged Mustang pony in the local shows. We started on Lead Line classes and then have progressed to walk over poles for 8 and under. Can someone tell me what they are judged/scored on in this class?

I have never shown english/jumped at all, so I am not sure what to help her on to do this. When I was standing by the ring watching a girl next to me kept commenting on her diagnals, but she is at a walk so I dont understand what she meant. When I turned around to ask her she had walked away. We are in small shows like the most is 6 kids in her class so she has gotten ribbons at each, but this last time she did not get a ribbon and I do not understand why or what to work on.

I was only told to go over the ground poles in the center and as straight as possible, use the whole arena and two point position at each pole. But obviously we are missing something because we have done all these and have gotten better each time, but we still place last out of our classes. Positive note: she is super happy with Pink Ribbons! LOL In fact she got a fourth on Saturday and told me the next day she wanted to try for another pink ribbon to fill her line out. So for now, placings do not matter to her and its just the experiance for us both. I would still like to know what we are not doing right though.

Can anyone give me some help?

PinkStella 09-03-2013 07:31 PM

Rules vary so much from place to place. I'd ask for their published rules. There are so many variables...a lot of fact and a lot of opinion on the part of the judges.

KWPNowner 09-07-2013 03:01 PM

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It's definitely a good idea to check the specs for the class in the prize list for the show. The class may be equitation or a hunter class. The advice you've been given about finding the center of the "jump", staying straight, using corners, etc. is all good and will benefit your daughter in both the Eq and Hunters. I'd be confused too if someone was talking about diagonals at a walk! Maybe there was a diagonal line in the course? Rather than just staying along the rail, your daughter rode across the diagonal of the arena?

Without seeing your daughter, it hard to say wxctly what could be done to improve placings, but focus on correct position (heels down, straight line through shoulders, hips and heels, straight line from elbow to bit, etc) as well as demonstrating adequate control on the pony (turns when asked, doesn't sulk by the gate, etc) are all good things to focus on. In the hunters, the pony may be hindered by not being the fanciest type, but being very consistent, with the same pace, pleasant expression, willing an responsive to rider, will go a long way in lower level shows.
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tinyliny 09-07-2013 03:09 PM

Sorry, but our shows give all the tiny kids a blue ribbon. At 6, on a leadline, I can't see judging them in any way but as all first place.

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