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thatkrayz 09-03-2013 09:19 PM

Project - 9 y/o TB x Paint
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Hello everyone! This is Charlie. He is a 9 yo TB/Paint standing at about 16.1-16.2. He is lovely shade of faded black, and is currently my new "adopted" project. He was a rescue many years ago, and the family that owns him now has let him live is life at a pasture pet. But why waste such a beauty? He's built like an ox! Very out of shape (as you will see) and his feet are recovery from a horrible case of WLD (and an even worse farrier). He gets his feet done again on Sunday, by the NEW and wonderful natural hoof guy that I have used on my own mare. I will include some hoof shots, and especially one of his resected front right hoof.

I do have a side question about his resected hoof, however. I know I have several more months until it is grown out and healthy, and I have started him on some Horseshoers Secret. BUT, he is still limping on his front end, even though the WLD is gone, and his hoof wall was resected months ago. For anyone with experience in this department, is it normal for a horse to still be struggling? There is no swelling, so I cannot tell if he is still in pain, or if the limp is due to him being off balance, and trying to compensate. Any and all critiques are welcome!

Thanks in advance!

Weezilla 09-03-2013 10:07 PM

Good on you for taking this cutie on as a project, first off. He's a lucky guy.

I know nothing about WLD or resection, but I have to think he is still painful on those poor feet, all 4 of them. Holy moly. How could he not be?

Kudos to you again.

thatkrayz 09-04-2013 09:20 AM

Aw, thanks Weezilla. He really is a gentle giant! I'm going to speak to the farrier this weekend about the possibility of full time front hoof boots, until his resected hoof becomes stronger. Hopefully that will help show some improvement.

thatkrayz 09-09-2013 02:46 PM

Bump. Any critiques are welcome!

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