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AQHSam 09-03-2013 11:50 PM

Status Update on Sam
Hi Everyone,

Well, after being on vacation with my husband for 4 days, I was able to get to the barn afterwork tonight and check on Sam's condition.

But, before arriving to the barn I did stop and buy Purina Enrich 32 (Now labeled as Purina Enrich Plus) and a weight tape.

When I arrived, Sam was resting in his stall without a layer of sweat covering him. His bucket was 1/2 full and he had roughly a flake of uneaten hay.

I measured him and he came in just over 900 lbs. He is a cow-bred QH and could probably get foundation status. I think 900 is a tad shy for him. I think I would be more comfortable at around 1000lbs.

My barn owner says she thinks he looks good. I will take photos tomorrow for your thoughts. I acknowledge that I am so used to looking at him in an obese state that I may not be a good judge of what thin, poor, and perfect really is.

based on other comments in the forum, he may just need to have his topline strengthened along with some muscling for this weight.

The farrier came out tonight and other than a touch of thrush in a cracked frog, hooves look real good.

Sam was onery due to a fly that wouldn't leave him alone and threw a hissy fit while tied because he couldn't eat grass. that is new, but not nearly as bad as last weekend.

Overall, he appears to be calming down nicely. Before I took him out of the stall this afternoon, I topped off his water and gave him some timothy pellets and a "taste" of the Enrich Plus. Yea, so that is horse crack. he snuffed and licked all of the EPlus and left the timothy until after he returned to the stall several hours later.

I watched him drink and he gave me three good poops while tied.

I brushed him out this afternoon, tons of dead hair and dander. I'll keep an eye on that; hopefully will see an improvement in the next week.

thank you everyone for your advice and words of wisdom. I had no idea moving a horse would be so stressful.

AQHSam 09-03-2013 11:55 PM

I have also managed to meet most of the boarders and several students at the barn. Everyone is so nice! And, they all had wonderful things to say about the BO. Some have been there for years.

I am looking forward to having other people to hack around with occasionally.

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