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Klassic Superstar 09-05-2013 03:04 AM

Oliver's Boot Camp Thread
Hello friends,
I wanted to share the videos and pictures I got of Ollie and my trainer and hear what you have to say.

My trainer has done wonders since May of 2011 for us, I could be happier!!

Currently I am thoroughly upset with myself for totaling my car and hurting both my backand neck!! The seatbelt also really did a number on my stomach muscles so doctors have ordered no riding for 4 weeks, I am a week and a half in today :-(

Ollie has had started so to say boot camp with my trainer! I very happy about this but it's so hard to watch her do all the work!!

I have two videos from last week and would love to hear what you have to say.

We are working on keeping him accountable for starting to carry himself, not very much but when he does we we try to support him in a way to help his confidence and as you can see in the video he gets longer and longer time between bobbling around.

His canter has come so far this summer that now we are working on the trot and making clear quick connected transitions through all gaits.

Without further a due...
Hopefully more footage soon!!

Klassic Superstar 09-05-2013 03:55 PM


MyBoyPuck 09-05-2013 05:38 PM

Okay, I only watched some trotting for now since I'm at work and taking a short surfing break. What I see, over and over, is this horse being pulled in from the front with overly busy hands. When the rider passed by very close to the camera, you can see her elbows coming back with each posting motion instead of just opening/closing and not moving forward or back. The horse going around BTV confirms the same. I see lots of circles, but not attempts at half halts or transitions within the gait to help the horse engage it's hind end.

The horse has already learned to duck contact, so the only way to fix it is to retrain it to stretch forward into contact, not try to hold it into a frame. If I were on it, I would be letting the reins out a few inches to allow the horse to stretch, doing lots of half halts, spiral in/out circles, and transitions within the trot to get this horse out of the habit of ducking the contact and engaging it's hind end. If this is one of those horses who loves to use the rider's hands to hold it up, I would go even further and trot along on a loose rein doing big sweeping circles to start getting the body working more and take away the focus on the head.

Will watch canter later.

Klassic Superstar 09-05-2013 07:20 PM

In regards to her hands, she is half halting and bringing her inside hand up a lot due to the fact he throws all his weight down into her hands and falls on to the fore hand and right now we are really focusing on rocking him back and lifting his front end. My trainer and our other trainer we ride with had us start doing this awhile back. It may be more exaggerated cause he was really pulling and powering down, he wants you to play with your inside hand, a bad habit I had gotten into so for three weeks we strapped my inside hand down to reinforce my inside leg to outside rein use.

I am in no means trying to excuse her riding but this is another reason I posted the videos. I have had no one else have eyes on Oliver while she rides him so I really wanted to see what people saw.

If we let out on the rein even with a lot of leg to power him up he powers up onto the forehand, he's a very much front engine horse.

When I ride him I do a ton of transitions both ways and really make him stay accountable for his actions.

He also may have been a bobble head, BTV and braving between the good moments as this was his first training ride by her in awhile and she is bigger and stronger then I am so adjusting to the new rider may have some play into it?

I look forward to your critique on canter!!

MyBoyPuck 09-05-2013 07:38 PM

Yeah, that's what I figured. He looks like he's dying to fall onto his forehand, but I still don't think holding him up by the reins is the way to go. I watched more of the trot and it did get better in terms of the horse starting to reach more. I still would tackle it with a slightly longer rein and use lateral work or spiral/in to help him use himself better. He really likes to throw himself around and throw that shoulder over there and that haunch over there if you know what I mean.

Love the canter. His forward nature and liking to be held up by the hands plays more into your favor. Still, I would play with more half halts and spiral in/out within the confines of what he can manage without losing his balance to get him using his butt more.

She is doing a nice job with him. He is not an easy ride. Really makes you work for it, doesn't he?

Klassic Superstar 09-05-2013 07:58 PM

None really isn't a easy ride at all!! I get on other horses and I'm like "really?!" Lol
But that is how it goes, your own horse is never a cake walk!

She does the inside rein lifting with her young mare to sit her back as well, works much better with her, Ollie is still learning what it means and it's only effective when you know how to emmediately relase and gives quick as you take but not stop riding when you do this but to ride more off the inside leg!

Another thing he was doing to me was sucking his tummy up and away from my inside leg before I put spurs on, not big but just enough to make it so I wasn't working as hard.

I very much agree with the spiraling, really to get him off and on the inside leg, he loves to ignore it...pretty sure he thinks "awh Sam, your such a cute little human with your inside leg, keep it up..." Lol our trainer we go ride with often often has me on a spiral circle, yielding out into the canter, back and out to rebalance and keep the speed. I often do walk trot, big trot to little trot on a spiraling circle while keeping him straight, bringing the shoulders around, and man when I have it right boy can I feel the difference!! Just wow!

Klassic Superstar 09-05-2013 08:06 PM

Wanted to compare his first schooling show video to his training video, only a 3 month difference in our training. I know you can only compare how he's going as its different riders in the videos but maybe we will see some good changes!?

MyBoyPuck 09-05-2013 08:58 PM

My horse loves to escape out the shoulders too. Another exercise beside spiraling is to ride squares. Use only the outside rein to stop the forward movement while using only the inside leg to cue the turn. Do it when you (or your trainer until you're better) first get on and incorporate it into his warmup on a long rein. It's amazing how much that connects them before they even start trotting and gets them into that outside rein. Also turn on the forehand works wonders for evasive horses.

Ninamebo 09-06-2013 02:40 PM

Klassic, hope you get better soon!

I only had time to watch a bit of this vid, but our horses move SO similarly, I have all the same issues and have been practicing all that's been mentioned above to work on them. Subbing, keep posted on his progress and I'll work on doing the same with Max :)

MyBoyPuck 09-06-2013 04:22 PM

Food for thought, Klassic. The doctor suggested you take 4 weeks off. wink wink. I'm currently riding with a sprained ankle, jambed thumb and bruised ribs. Somehow they all only bother me when I am not riding.

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