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FlyGap 09-05-2013 12:26 PM

Common/Smart Core
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I'm pretty worried about this guys.
Granted I send my kid to private, the curriculum is rated the toughest in the

But... I had a discussion recounted to me from a counselor in a public school.
He said that kids who go the Smart Core route are 99.9% more likely to be accepted into college than those that do Common.
He said that Common Core kids (Which the majority of the kids in their school are in) have little to no chance in getting either a college admission or a scholarship.

The thing that REALLY REALLY irritates me is the Smart VS Common terminology. How insane is that!??? Seriously? Peer pressure, insecurity, low self esteem anyone?

I know when I was in school we had AP classes, and yes they greatly helped in college placement. I took some, but couldn't do the math courses. I was still accepted in college AND got a small academic scholarship.

The thing is, as far as I can tell, you are in either common or smart. Not both. Am I mistaken? My Nephew was encouraged to go smart and if he couldn't cut it they would drop him down.

Now why on earth not just teach everyone the same?
I tried to take an 8th grade test from the 1920's and honestly I couldn't answer a SINGLE question. I'm seriously angry that I was shafted on a decent education. I'm doing the best I can for my kid now, but it's not even remotely comparable to what they did in the past.

Another serious problem I see with SC/CC is in changing the way they teach math so that we parents have to relearn the process. Why not do the standard "way" that has worked for centuries instead of confusing everyone?

I'm just seriously disturbed.

Saddlebag 09-05-2013 05:41 PM

One's social status has a lot to do with getting denied student loans. At least it does here in Ontario.

Lockwood 09-05-2013 05:57 PM

Our schools are taking a new approach to blur the lines (or divisions) between the regular kids and the gifted kids here. While they still do GIEPs (gifted individual education plans) they are starting to look at all the kiddos....for where they are both strong and weak. Where they (kids) are showing strengths they (staff) are pushing them into higher levels and where they are showing weakness, bolstering them up.
We still have gifted classes (munchkin is in one this year) but they are becoming more integrated to include a larger variety of students to try and pull them all forward.
I was recently speaking to the school psychologist about this and she said it was a pretty new approach, for our school division anyway, in how they approach the different intelligence levels of kids.

Joe4d 09-05-2013 06:01 PM

has anyone able to write a check for the application fee that didnt bounce been unable to "Get into" a public college ? Anyone ? chirp chirp, chirp chirp.

But I do see lots of garbage taught in schools, the same schools constantly crying for money. Seems if they got rid of all the fluff they would have plenty for real classes.
Welcome to Federal Socialism. We allowed the federal government to take over the local schools. Instead of a cummnity being able to fix what is important to them, you end up head first into a federal bureaucracy to do anything. The people that care do what you did. Pull out of public schools. course now you get to pay for both schools.

FlyGap 09-05-2013 06:39 PM

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That's awesome L!

Joe I've been thinking on sending my kid to public because tuition went up $800 this year AND her school is 30 miles away VS 7 public.
But Im just not crazy about what's going on...

I also read that they were going to quit teaching cursive handwriting?
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jaydee 09-05-2013 06:53 PM

I'm afraid that as a Brit I have no understanding of this "core' thing
All of my boys went to the UK version of public schools and they all went to Uni or College
My youngest went to a local public school here in CT - it is a well rated one which is why we chose a house in this area but most of the schools around here seem to produce good results from the kids that want to work
My son had no trouble getting a scholarship from a top Art College and he was offered places and scholarships at many other top Uni's and Colleges including Yale.
In the UK if kids work hard they have exactly the same chances at 'public schools as they do at private ones - I cant see that the US is any different

Joe4d 09-05-2013 10:09 PM

not so much the working hard, its the lack of standards.
Student A, parent cares, kid cares, makes kids take harder more advanced classes, higher algebras, physics.
Student B, barely shows up takes dufus classes, bare bones minimum math, can barely read, has no idea how to write a basic paragraph. Cant find France on a map.
Yet both walk out the door with the exact same diploma in their hand. THAT is the problem. You will always have those that cant or wont learn, handing them a diploma, makes it meaningless.
I would think in most cases public schools can be ok as long as parents are involved in the classes and schedule Johnny takes and dontlet him pick them.

tinyliny 09-05-2013 10:45 PM

I don't understand core vs common . Don't know these terms.

Entrance to college is mor based on GPA , extracurricular activity and SAT scores. You cannot buy you way in if your scores are below the cutoff and that varies from school to school.

I think Univ of Washington requires something like a 3.5 and an SAT of 1700 . Buy if you do a junior / community college college 1 or 2 years and then transfer in, the require ents are lower.

LilacsBloom 09-06-2013 09:27 AM

FlyGap, I'm not sure where you're located -- are you in the US? I'm hearing a lot about Common Core these days, but have not heard of Smart Core (hence my wondering if you are not in the US)

Common Core is the new nationally standardized curriculum. Not all states have adopted it, but I believe (though I'm not certain) that states which wanted to apply for the Race To The Top grant money had to agree to comply with Common Core standards and practices. I am not a fan, as I prefer to see more local control in education, as well as taking issue with some of the methodology. There has been a lot written about it. I'm sure a quick google search would bring up many articles.

Also, yes many schools are cutting out cursive. My 19 year old actually and to print everything for school. However, I am training all my children in cursive. There are studies showing the positive I pact of cursive writing on the thought process. I think it's terribly unfortunate that schools are moving away from cursive instruction.

jaydee 09-06-2013 09:43 AM

While I think that cursive writing is nice it simply doesn't rate high up in the education needs ranking for todays employment requirements
Once you leave school most communication and record keeping is done on a computer - very little need for handwriting any more and unless children can do it properly reading it can be a major headache for teachers

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