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Hilli 05-02-2009 10:21 AM

Sweet itch
As part of my dissertation in my second year of college i am looking into affecting factors of sweet itch. i would be very grateful if owners with horses/ponies suffering from sweet itch could take the time to fill this out for me.

1. What gender is your horse?
2. What age is your horse?
3. At what age did your horse start scratching?
4. What breed is your horse?
5. What colour is your horse?
6. What month do they start scratching?
7. Are they stabled or turned out?
8. What area is your horse kept in (for example. worthing west sussex)
9. What treatments or preventions do you use?
- Rugging
- Stabling
- Lotions/salves
- Feed supplements
- Fly sprays
- Other (please specify)
10. On a scale of 1-5 how bad would you say your horse suffers?
- 1= Some light scratching
- 2= Some scratching and hair loss
- 3= Consistant scratching with more hair loss
- 4= Consistent scratching with hair loss and sores appearing
- 5= Heavy scratching with hair loss and bad sores

Thank you very much!

(please note that all information is confidential and will be used purely for this assessment)

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