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Zab 05-03-2009 06:11 AM

Just ranting about my day :P
I'm not even sure I dare to post this here.. :O I'm not even trying to hide my worst sides in this text! x__X; Well, I'll do it anyways. x)

I havn't been riding for quite a while due to lack of time and then for a smaller but painful injury in my leg that lasted for a week.. this morning was the first time in 1-2 weeks..

I've been up for two hours and it has already been an eventful day.. if this is how it is to get up in the morning..I'll just keep sleeping like normally to 4pm...

Well, I managed to drag myself out of the bed at 8am, went down and groomed Crow (not that it helped much it just got the dust to come forward.. his coat has been completely uncared for, for more than a week..I have a light brown horse now instead of a dark bay.. but the rub from the saddle is completely healed again at least), then I saddled up and then I noticed that one of his shoes are all bent.. greeeeaaaat, now I need the farrier again.. well, the ground is soft and it wasn't that much, just enough to need some care soon enough and to avoid riding long distanses on hard ground, if you see what I mean. So I decided to ride anyway.

But first I noticed how this week seems to have stolen all nice muscles on the top of his neck again.. :( His neck is upside down again, like a true race horse.. just hanging between the ears and the withers.. -__-; He was standing like I don't know what.. And I generally felt ''(I still love him *whisper*), but... what an ugly horse I have. They're right, standies arn't meant to be ridden..I'll never get him pretty etc etc etc'' (Yeah.. looks mean way more to me than they should.. artistic blood I guess) and was just feeling down and wished I had gotten a fresian so I wouldn't have to work for the neck.... even tho I hate ridig fresians. >_>; Well.. it was just one of those times, you know..

He was good when I got up, not lame or anything but pretty soon he turned into his normal brat behavior..I was not in the mood. Tho I must admit that I was way to mean to him.. >_>; I got frustrated when he kept rushing and ignored all my ''slow down and gather yourself, horse!''-aids so I kinda put in reverse and simply pulled back on both reins and weght with full force.. needless to say we almost fell, both of us, eih? *smirk*:oops:

I'm normally kinda good with animals, but not when I'm frustrated..I have way too little patiense.. and way too easy to get physically harsh. I think the only reason I don't have all animals running away from me is that I'm at least honest to them; they can clearly see when I'm nice and when I'm getting mean and I'm not trying to hide it or suddenly punish them after a while ''when we're out of sight'', so they do know when to stay away from me and when I'm armless. Otherwise they'd probably run at first sight and be completely terrified.. O__O;; Meh.. something's wrong with me on that matter anyways. Animals are too nice.

Back to the story.. I was way too mean to him but releasing the worst of my frustration with us that way, I calmed down enough to get of and then I just lunged him around in trot a few rounds untill we both relaxed. I know I've said I don't like lunging, but then I mean as a way of training, it works pretty good for me and Crow when things go wrong. I can stand in the middle and have control, and he can run and get some of his frustraion out.. perfect match.. x) Plus, he has the most beautiful trot ever to watch, so that always makes me all mild and gentle and amazed..

After that we stood and cuddled for a long while and forgave each other (or he forgave me I guess), making sure everything was right again.

When I was going to sit up, I noticed that the girth to the saddle was broken.. :shock: Must have snapped when we almost fell. I'll have to get it fixed, better change all of the straps, I've actually noticed they were getting thin for a while, but didn't think it was that bad yet..

That was 10 minutes before my lesson and I had no saddle.. at least none I'd ever agree to ride in (we have Dackes saddle, a bad westernsaddle that's all useless and hangs in my room, and the saddle we got for Crow first; water damaged jumping saddle I use only when I want to swim with him x) Oh.. and the treeless one that shattered my wist.. ) so I had to ride him bareback.

Amazingly enough, it went really well.
We only worked on the circle when Renee (my instructor) was there but we made progress. I need to stop correcting him with the reins now.. x) As Renee said it: "Now you've had some weeks when you have had to correct him and get him down all the time. He has figured that out so stop it!" xD (correcting = gently playing with the tip of my fingers on the inner rein and just as gently holding the outer rein still, to get his nose down) "Now you're just asking him to curl up instead..."
So I worked on not correcting him, and we worked on my seat. When I feel like a cheezedoodle with a stomach ache..I'm sitting right. -_-;; I'm so wrong in my body.. and while feeling like this cheesedoodle, I have to relax.. x__X Why don't she ask for simple stuff, like building a computer out of pebbles or something?

I need to put my outer hip far back and down, my inner hip forward, not yield in my side and then putting the inner shoulder forward and up, sit on the outer seatbone more, watch my feet and at the same time be ware of the reins and to use my inner leg to bend him, not my inner rein... after a few circles like that I hear Renee say: "Well.. now when you got that shoulder right, you can start looking forward too, and stop looking out and away from me.."xD I was looking almost over my outer shoulder to keep my inner shoulder from falling back.. very easy to steer the horse right then xD

Then she said those horrible, horrible words.. ''Now we need to teach Crow to lean/hang on the bit'' x__X;; Me: "I don't want tooooo! I want him liiight!"
"We need to let him do this for a few weeks, so that he learns to trust the bit.. he's just escaping it now. First he escaped it by pulling his head up, now he escapes it by pulling his head down. We need him to lay on the bit, just a little. So that he feels that he can trust it and follow it down, not just in. And you need to keep your hands still and.. and not do what you just did."
Me: O_o what?
"You corrected him again, you shouldn't do that with your hands anymore, you need to do that with your seat."
Me: x_x*instinct*
Renee: "And then when he has learnt to lean to the bit, you can start waking him up by using your legs and he will step under himself to carry and releasing the bit without avoiding it or going against it."
Well, she explained it better but I'm stupid so.. :P

She don't want him to hang his entire head in my hands, but she wants contact.. for now. She promised we'll take it away again later.. x) *doesn't like ''contact''.. likes to have nothing in the hand*

And then we worked some 8:s and I learnt to push his weight of the inner shoulder when we changed circle etc and he was good. After a while I started feeling that he was on the other end of the reins too..weeeird.. xD and he got long and nice. :) And sighed in that weird, blowing horseway that means ''I'm relaxed and happy'' ^__^ I heard Renee say something like ''Oh look, now he's working with those abs too!" xD Which is good.. xD

When I was putting him back in his stall I overheard dad and Renee:
Dad: "He's been a different horse since you trained him (when he was away at her stable for a while and got trained)"
and Renee: "Yeah, but the differense is that the both of them has started to get the hang of this and cooperate now." :3 And before that she commented on how nice his body has become.. so I suppose there are still hope for us afterall. :)

I still feel bad about my reaction in the start tho.. and I still don't have a saddle..
But maybe that's a good thing in a way. I mean.. when I had no saddle the last time I was desperate since I couldn't ride him bareback att all because he was like a snake in his body and just moved like crazy, plus he was much more nervous. Now I can ride him bareback some.. and without a saddle I just have to practice more. It could help my balance quite a bit.

Now, if you've managed to read all this without falling to sleep, you earn a cookie! Go rob a supermarket or something, they have cookies there. :P

ChingazMyBoy 05-03-2009 06:34 AM

Well Im glad it ended that was long~ COOKIES~

Walkamile 05-03-2009 07:42 AM

Sometimes Zab, we don't think we're making progress until we take a step back and then we see that we have. Sounds like you and Crow have and are making progress. It's the little steps that count. They all add up to the goal. Keep it up, and like so many of us, your challenge is to maintain control and patience. :-) Believe me, I am very familiar with these two challenges ! :)

Zab 05-03-2009 08:25 AM


Well Im glad it ended that was long~ COOKIES~
Oooh, you robbed the supermarket? Got any cookies for me? xD


Sometimes Zab, we don't think we're making progress until we take a step back and then we see that we have. Sounds like you and Crow have and are making progress. It's the little steps that count. They all add up to the goal. Keep it up, and like so many of us, your challenge is to maintain control and patience. :smile: Believe me, I am very familiar with these two challenges ! :)
Yeah.. well I am getting better at that too, tho.. it's not right to be unfair to the horse.. :/

my2geldings 05-04-2009 12:28 PM

I just saw the word cookies... :twisted: :twisted: where are they? :twisted:

Zab, keep working on it. It sounds like you guys are making progress and thats whats important. All horses become punks, especially if your boy had over a week off and the weather is getting nicer, spring time etc etc.

Lunging him before you ride him might fix the issue or at least help tame him down at least a little bit.

Keep your chin up, recovering from injury is not fun *HUGS*

Zab 05-04-2009 12:30 PM

Thanks :)

He's not impossible to ride when heńs a brat.. just slighty annoying and rushy..

And you have to ob the supermarket to get the cookies >)

sandy2u1 05-04-2009 03:52 PM

I am glad your lesson went well. I read a quote not long ago...probably on here :D that said....there are only 2 emotions that belong in the saddle, patience and a sense of humor. I try and remember it every time I work with Major...I think it applys to groundwork too. It really helps me and I thought maybe it may help you to if you try and remember it when your horse acts like a pain.

Zab 05-05-2009 07:07 AM

Thanks :)
Well I know that.. >_> but I can't control myself even tho I know it's not right when I get angry..

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