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futolympeventer327 07-27-2007 07:22 PM

colouring question!!!
Ok so until recently I assumed my horse was just a plain chestnut, he does have a dorsal stripe though and his legs and head look darker than his body, would this make him a chestnut dun?

Which poses another question, I have always been told that the dun gene is absent in thoroughbreds and arabians. Now supposedly he is 100% thoroughbred but we have no proof (tatoo, papers or anything else) and his conformation isn't the typical thorughbred.

Help anyone???

Friesian Mirror 07-27-2007 10:41 PM

I'm no expert or anything, but if he's 100% Arab or Thoroughbred then he's not a Dun, the dun gene isn't in either of those breeds.

kristy 07-28-2007 02:22 AM

A dorsal stripe does not necessarily mean that the horse is dun, instead, most duns carry a dorsal stripe. Like Raechel said, TBs do not carried a dun gene. The counter-shading gene, can however, produce a faint dorsal stripe in Arabs and Tb which is what you may be seeing.

Kyani 08-10-2007 09:07 AM

I don't think there's a counter-shading 'gene' as such, but countershading is probably what he has. :)

stefie 08-12-2007 07:24 AM

here is a photo that i have found its a chestnut dun...

u say that u dont no if he/she is 100% tb and that he does not fit the body build for a tb, so there is that slight chance that he/she is not and he/she might be a dun, or hav the dun geane through him/her.
id say that if he does have a dun geane through him/her then i would say that there not really a tb, it might be a tb x but i wouldnt say that its 100% certain lol

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