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Zab 05-03-2009 03:32 PM

I'm so happy he's gaited now.. I think..
Great, my saddle broke, the girth strap snapped.

I will take this as a great opportunity to ride bareback and fix my balance..I'm so happy he's gaited. If I had to trot him, with his huge trot, I'd fall off without a saddle.. x__X;;

Tho now I won't know what gait I get.. he gaits/racks/whatever 99% of the times.. but the times he will trot, or for that matter pace or piggypace, I won't be prepared for it :O

I'll die.. O__o;

Audra0729 05-05-2009 02:24 PM

well to be totally honest you will be able to feel him break gait a whole lot easier than you would with a saddle, if he breaks gait or you think he's about to break, half halt him. once you get your balance down riding bareback it will be soooo nice especially with your gaited boy.

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