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Asimina 09-06-2013 11:02 AM

What do you think of my sketches?
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SO recently i decided to start teaching myself how to draw, and I want someone else's opinion besides my own. I see improvement, but i know i still have a ways to go.
While I'd love to hear nothing but praise, I do want to know what could use improvement. It'd be wonderful to get some advice and critique! :)
Anyway, some of the poses are awkward, there are stray pencil lines, and i'm still learning to shade, but here they are!(this is not all of them, these are the ones that are not complete disasters haha). I'm posting them in chronological order to show the improvement i've made so far.
(i don't have access to a scanner right now, so i had to use my iphone camera- some of the wonky proportions might be from that haha)

Asimina 09-06-2013 11:06 AM

The first one i drew about a month ago(it was pretty much the first one)

The third one really does have the huge out of proportion head in reality haha that's not a bad camera angle. I'm pretty happy with it though because it was my first time really trying to do something from a different perspective than straight at the side

The last two, i'm pretty pleased with, i think they really show a lot of improvement. I think the second to last is better drawn, but the last one(despite the ugly head) is shaded better. I drew the last one yesterday and shaded today.

Zexious 09-06-2013 12:34 PM

I'm not very good with critiques, but I will give it a go...

Overall, very nice. Way better than I could do!

I would suggest working on the joints and musculature. The legs look a bit too "stickish" and the bodies a bit too blobish... If that makes sense.

Horsesdontlie 09-06-2013 12:56 PM

Well you are doing great for starting out. You have a decent understanding of muscles and bones that make a heavily influence in shaping the horse. You also have a good understanding of angles of where joints and bones are and how the joints flex. Which is a hard concept to grasp.

Now there are two things I think you would be good enough to start working on. I want you to study at pictures of horses. Nothing is perfectly round or straight. Muscles and bones can make for a lumpy and bumpy outline on the horse. Take time and really try to draw what you see. I even like to suggest getting tracing paper and tracing. Through that way you can see all those inconsistencies. I find it to be a bit of an eye opener to just trace.

Second is I think you can venture more into shading. Get more tones into there. With a pencil you can have white, very light, light, medium, dark, very dark and tons of variations in there. Think of making a paint by number. Assign areas that have the darkest points, then keep getting lighter where it needs it. Look for lights and darks...turn your reference image into black and white and see the different shades.

Asimina 09-06-2013 02:17 PM

Thanks for the responses!
I never thought to change the reference pic to black and white to notice the values better.
I think i'll try tracing, and then recreating it without tracing.
I do have a problem with wanting smooth lines, I don't go into much detail with the muscles hehe. I don't mind the sort of cartoony look it gives them, but i do need work on it for for when i want them to look a little more realistic.
I'll keep practicing on the little details(and the stick legs :) )

Horsesdontlie 09-06-2013 02:30 PM

Well smooth lines are always good, I guess I didn't explain that right. You want there to be a lot of flow in the piece, so don't get too caught up in details. But just notice that for examples the hip is not perfectly round but has points and flat parts. (Unless the horse is obese! ;) ) I find this is so hard to explain without drawing it out to explain. If you want more tips just let me know...I can draw out some explanations, but I just don't have the time today and I don't want to overload you. I think you are off to a great start though.

Asimina 09-06-2013 03:02 PM

Thanks! i think i understand what you're getting at. My school's art club has a light board(i think that's what it's called?) so i can try tracing on some unlined paper sometime next week.
I'll update this thread with new sketches sometime next week hopefully. I'll try to do at least one subject matter with and without tracing.

tinyliny 09-07-2013 10:05 PM

'excellent advice from Horsesdontlie.

she says much what I would have said. I think that like most young artists, you have not learned how to really LOOK at things and draw what you really see, not what you think you should see.
one thing that can help you develop that skill is to try drawing from a reference photo , but place the photo upside down, and draw from it and don't turn it upsdie right until you are done, then compare your drawing to the photo.

macariska 10-10-2013 01:13 PM

Nice job!!!

BuildDaBunny 10-11-2013 04:04 PM

Haha I wish I had your skill! Great work :)

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