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Chevylover96 09-07-2013 03:32 PM

I need help with releasing!!
Okay so I haven't been jumping for too long, about a couple years really. Mostly self taught. I had a few lessons with a really good jumping coach but I found she messed up my release, she told me I was too light with my hands, I didn't have enough contact with their mouth (I was taught mainly western) anyway I fixed that, but then she told me that I released too much, I didn't that that was possible, but I started releasing less. Now it kind of became a habit, and I need to learn to release more now that I don't have that instructor. I do have a coach, but she teaching mostly western with only a little english, I find she's better at teaching western. So I just want a second opinion, on how to fix my release. I love my instructor, so I'm not leaving her, and I'm not having any lessons from a new one either, it messed me up far too much when I did that, because they had different opinions on EVERYTHiNG. One wanted more hand, the other wanted less, one wanted me further into two point , one wanted me less, one wanted me to go faster, the other slower.... It was way too confusing. Anyway I really just want tips on releasing better and more. Thanks!!
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jinxremoving 09-07-2013 03:40 PM

Do you have any videos of you jumping? Without seeing, it'll just be speculation from any of us as to what you should or shouldn't be doing. Also, what release are we talking about? Crest? Short? Auto?

When I jump I tend to do a short release which is defined via Wikipedia:

"Short crest release: the rider slides the hands up the crest as the horse takes off, not before (which "drops" the horse). The hands should not slide far up the crest, only a couple inches, as needed. It provides support for the rider's upper body, while still providing a good amount of control because the rider did not release any more than needed. Best used on verticals, when the rider needs to turn mid-air, or when going down drop fences. An intermediate release."

The best advice I ever received when it came to releases, was to let the horse pull you forward and release only as much as necessary - do not try to anticipate when to release. To do that, you need very soft arms so you don't catch them in the mouth... but I find that method 100% better than any other method I was taught. When I was first taught to jump, I was always trying to figure out when exactly I should release... some times it worked and some times it didn't.

alexischristina 09-12-2013 01:31 AM

We need pictures. You could be giving just the 'right' amount of release, but because you prefer a big release think it isn't enough.

It is DEFINITELY possible to release too much, you don't want to drop your contact over the jump.

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