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prbygenny 05-05-2009 12:21 AM

Tell me more about Applecide vinigar in water buckets?
I have 130 gallon water tank and would like to try adding this for the horses. So how much? If you don't have that big of a tank how much do you add to your 5 gallon buckets?
I have read that it keeps the tanks cleaner and that it can be good at keeping mesquitos away. Is this true?

boxer 05-05-2009 12:36 AM

I'm not sure about this but I'm interested to hear what others say because apple cider vinegar is meant to have some kind of health benefit as well but I'm not sure what.

G and K's Mom 05-05-2009 11:04 AM

I used to feed a 1/4 cup twice a day mixed in with their feed. I didn't add to their water, I try not to add anything different to the water supply for fear of them not drinking.

For a 130 gallon tank that would be 12-14 cups of ACV. I don't know if that would be enough to make a difference, plus it's going to get expensive.

Actually I didn't find it made any difference when it came to flies. It has been said that feeding ACV can help with joint health.

You might want to consider gold fish, I've read where they make a big difference in large stock tanks.

prbygenny 05-05-2009 10:44 PM

Very interesting G&K, gold fish? HMMM I wonder how they would do outside in MN summers? I will have to think on that considering I can't even keep alive in my house for more then 4 days. lol
Ok I need more input folks what are others thoughts on this? I had also heard that ACV keeps the tanks cleaner longer, so you don't get the alge build up as fast.
Thoughts thoughts anyone....

jwhisperj 05-06-2009 07:10 PM

I don't know about this but I use these sinker things that have enzymes packets I replace and it has been amazing! I got them last year and put one in a clean auto water tank and a REALLY funky one, it kept the clean tank clean and also got rid of all the algee sp in the dirty one! It does not have a taste and my cows and horses never seemed to notice. I haven't scrubbed a tank in one year even through the summer!!

They are called stock tank water cleaner they work for up to 500 gallons for one month. I don't have to change mine that often more like once every three months. you can get refills for 20 bucks for six months and the whole kit cost me 25 for the first six months. vet approved too.
You could go to they are wonderful! I really love them can ya tell?

prbygenny 05-06-2009 07:52 PM

OMG, jwhisperj that sounds wonderful!!! Thanks so much I am getting me some of that!!!

jwhisperj 05-06-2009 10:22 PM

your very welcome! My husband bought it and I thought it was a joke! nope it works!! I guess men are good for something huh? lol

prbygenny 05-06-2009 11:23 PM

lol, something is right, I am still trying to find out exactly what mine is good for !! lol
My husband is not horsey at all, but he definatly helps support my habit whether he likes it or not. lol

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