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Godgirl 09-08-2013 07:09 PM

Music contest for girls and guys.
okay. so i know that the horse contest forum is where people usually put contests but this is not a horse contest so i thought that i would put it here
so here are the rules.

-your video or recording must be performed by YOU.
-your song should not be much more that three and a half minutes long.
-a song written by you is very much encouraged!

here are the categories. you need to put the category you choose above the video or recording.

if you want some constructive criticism please write that above with your category.
i will pick the best from each category and after that we will have some mini contests until we can come up with the one winner.
if you want to put in a vote for the best singer/musician please pm me. please do not reply to this thread with a vote. if you do your vote will not be counted.

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