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Incitatus32 09-09-2013 01:45 AM

Job Qualifications - what do you look for?
Okay so I won't be in the market to look/accept a horsey job quite yet due to my injury but I figured I could at least get some input from people on my qualifications and try and see what you guys would look for in someone you would hire? I know that seeing someone ride is more important than anything on paper, but I really want to know how you would take this information and what you would feel comfortable hiring me to do (if you would hire me at all, don't hold back!) Please note this isn't an official resume just a summary of my skills and such! If anything needs clarifying please feel free to ask, I'm trying to get opinions so I can decide how to present myself in the horse world (opinions on how to do so are also welcome! :D)

My experience with horses includes:
-riding for seven years
-apprenticing under a horse trainer for 5 years consecutively
-ride western/english pleasure, trail, and am able to do some light dressage work, can also drive and harness
-have worked as farm hand (i.e. fixing fencing, etc) as long as I've been apprenticing
- have been told I'm a high intermediate-low advanced rider by the trainer I apprentice under
-can do ground work with a young horse, as well as tack up for trainer and have ready to ride (or drive)
-am comfortable and confident in my abilities
-will do any work and am a hard worker (if I'm needed seven days a week I'll be out seven days a week from morning to dusk)
-can work with skittish/unhandled horses
-can help with lessons (wouldn't go so far as to teach, but could explain/help saddle/bridle and answer questions, set up equipment that sort of thing)
-feel comfortable exercising horses for people in the disciplines that I know
-don't get easily worked up and am always wanting to learn/do my best at my job.
-recently did ground work with a yearling by myself (with trainer guidance here and there) and was told I'd done a good job
-my trainer has told me that I have 'good instincts' about the horses I help her work

Don't hold back I'm just trying to see what people might hire me for and/or what they would fault me for! Also: I'm really not trying to be narcissistic, I just want to give an accurate description of what I can do/feel comfortable doing with horses. I know seeing somebody ride as well as references would be ideal but just based on this what would you all assume? Thank you in advance!

Incitatus32 09-09-2013 11:49 PM

ok sorry I just reread this and found a slight mistake (stupid spell check and overtype....) I've been riding for twelve years... not seven! lol I've been driving for seven years! I really don't know how/why the overtype was on but I missed it. :P

DancingArabian 09-10-2013 12:03 AM

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What's your goal? People would consider that skillset very differently if you're trying to become a groom/exercise rider vs trainer vs coach vs rider or whatever else.

Incitatus32 09-10-2013 01:32 AM

Honestly right now I'm looking for whatever work I can. I'm just interested in what people would hire me for based on these skills or if at all? I'm looking for farm jobs in my area to help pay my bills and help put me through college lol. I'd say probably what would be ideal for me would be groom/exercise rider or an assistant to a trainer (as that's what I'm considered now I suppose). However I'd even go out and fix fences, muck stalls all the grunt work really, just something to add to my income and be doing something I love... and my college requires me to work a job like this so I can get into grad school lol

Incitatus32 09-18-2013 04:06 PM

bump? I think that's how I do this.... lol

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