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SnowCowgirl 09-10-2013 01:04 PM

Homemade probiotics?
I remember reading something on here about homemade probios, involving milk or maybe even horse poop??

I'm starting to stress about getting weight on my new guy. He came to me two weeks ago from a not great situation. I know that's not much time but I've seen zero weight gain even though he has been on pasture and oats/beet pulp.
We have very long cold winters and its already getting cold at night (he was shivering this morning, he might need to be the first horse I've ever blanketed)

I did worm him, his heaves (which were bad when I got him) are under control for the time being. He doesn't like the beet pulp so I'm cutting that down but will be searching for a high calorie pellet/ration when I get home. I'm also going to start adding oil and more flax. I think probios would be a good idea too! (And I'm trying to find someone to look at his teeth)

Thanks :)
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SnowCowgirl 09-10-2013 01:53 PM

(Yes I did search the forum and did not find what I am looking for)
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deserthorsewoman 09-10-2013 02:07 PM

Brewer's yeast is what you can look for. Opti-Zyme is relatively inexpensive and TSC carries it.
If he doesn't like beetpulp, try alfalfa pellets, soaked. And ricebran. Oil is good, too.
Pasture might not give him enough fiber to keep warm now, offer hay for the nights.
Fiber digestion produces warmth.

Endiku 09-10-2013 04:06 PM

I agree about the rice bran and alfalfa pellets instead of the beet pulp... my filly decided a few weeks ago that beet pulp is poison but still badly needs the calories, so I switched to rice bran pellets and just mixed them in with her alfalfa pellets. She thinks its manna from heaven.

As for the home made probiotic, are you talking about something like milk/water Kifer? I know you can make that for people (I grow it and take it...tastes awful) but I'm really not sure about horses. I remember seeing a thread on that before though by someone on here... I'm thinking it was MAYBE by Saddlebag?

SnowCowgirl 09-10-2013 04:49 PM

I think kifer or whatever may be what I was thinking about, but I thought there was something involving healthy horse poo lol.

I will try the rice bran and alfalfa pellets. I'm wary about alfalfa because the vet said it often aggravates heaves, but maybe pellets wouldn't do that. It's worth a try though especially if it puts weight on him because beet pulp is definitely a no go lol
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Endiku 09-10-2013 05:30 PM

With healthy horse poo, literally all there is to it is collecting fresh manure from a horse with no worms or illnesses and dumping it in with your horse. If your horse needs it, he'll eat it. If he doesn't need it, he'll leave it alone.

Definitely ask your vet about the pellets if he said they can cause heaves. I hadn't heard that before but he's the expert, not me! I would think the reasoning behind that might be the amount of dust, which pellets takes care of, but better safe than sorry.

deserthorsewoman 09-10-2013 05:36 PM

Probably because alfalfa hay from rather wet areas can be moldy?
I don't think a couple of lbs soaked alfalfa pellets would do anything bad. Didn't do anything bad to my horse with heaves, he lived to be 26.

Poo solution is given with a tube, directly in the stomach, to get good bacteria back into the horse. I'd favor the Opti Zyme lol.......

SnowCowgirl 09-10-2013 05:50 PM

Haha Opti-zyme does sound much nicer than poo solution!
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Evansk 09-11-2013 09:45 AM

Im not sure about homemade ones, but BioEquine (their located in Alberta) sell probiotics for horses. BioEquine - Horse Equine Nutrition Supplement Probiotics & Vitamins | Horse Health Maybe that might help out your new gelding?

darkiss4428 09-11-2013 09:36 PM

the best horse feed i can suggest is omaleen 200 i feed it to my mare and two rescues with a tea spoon of soy oil 1/2 a scoop twice a day you can also get a protiean block for about 60$ and they can free feed on it i also suggest all the grass and hay they can eat i feed hay food hay then they have roundd to free feed on in the pasture

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