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MAG1723 09-11-2013 08:16 PM

ARRGG!! Ready to give up!
Okay so some of you know my mare, Ally. She is the sweetest mare I have ever had BUT she has some issues. Some background info. She has never ever been lame before just when I had her. I always have my lessons on Fridays so in May, I had a jumping lesson with her. She was being a bit lazy and when I went to go over a jump she stopped and half walked half jumped/ trotted over it. Anyway long story short she ended up knocking EVERYTHING over, she stumbled but went on. I stayed off of her Saturday and on the Sunday I had a horse show. At the horse show the lady who owned her (at that point) Gave me her papers and and said she was all mine. I was super happy to finally get her to myself. Anyways, about 5 days after that she went lame. and I mean LAME. Barely moving at all. I was so annoyed. But her limp eventually went away (after a month) and I got back on her.

So now its April, I brought her to some of the local shows and she did awesome. But then, in May I had one show to do, I came to the show grounds and warmed her up, ( how I usually do it, Walk trot Canter both directions) and she did fine, no limp at all. Then the first class started, no more then 1/2 an hour later (she just stood by the trailer in that time) and when I entered my class and they asked me to walk, trot, and canter, she limped like her leg was broken. So I was pulled from the class and I wasn't allowed to ride her for the rest of the day. I ended up using my friends horse the rest of the show.

Now fast forward to this week. I have given her but every other week. I clean out and spray her feet with hoof strengthener and anti bacterial stuff (she had thrush) every day. I took her out on Monday and cantered her around and there was no limp. I brought her out yesterday and she had a limp. This is getting SO frustrating! :-x We recently switched her to barefoot trimming too. And she only limps on her right lead and not on her left. It is getting really annoying because she is the only horse I have at the moment and I really want to work with her, Can someone please help me out? I'm sorry this is really long but I had to explain it. Thanks to everyone who spent time reading it. :)

MAG1723 09-11-2013 08:19 PM

I will load pics of her feet later today. * Forgot to add, she has never been lame before

smrobs 09-11-2013 09:03 PM

My first stop would be the vet. For a horse to suddenly develop a recurring lameness that lasts over a year is not normal and needs to be examined by an expert.

Freemare 09-11-2013 09:12 PM

The vet would be the best bet for what is going on. It could be her shoulder her legs, the tack. All of that can make a horse go lame. It may not be her feet at all. It could be her feed as well. Have your vet come out, do x-rays and go from there.

MAG1723 09-11-2013 11:08 PM


MAG1723 09-11-2013 11:11 PM


Originally Posted by Freemare (Post 3611697)
The vet would be the best bet for what is going on. It could be her shoulder her legs, the tack. All of that can make a horse go lame. It may not be her feet at all. It could be her feed as well. Have your vet come out, do x-rays and go from there.

Would a visit to the Chiropractor help?

amp23 09-11-2013 11:34 PM

A chiro couldn't hurt. I would definitely also have a vet do a thorough work up on her since its been recurring though.

princessfluffybritches 09-12-2013 12:58 AM

I think that if my horse suddenly went lame, first thing I would think is a stone bruise.
How old is your horse?

loosie 09-12-2013 04:38 AM

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Before giving up, what have you done about her lameness, aside from giving her occasional time off? Have you had vets, farriers, others check her?? If not, that is the first logical point of call. As it was so severe when you first got her, that's when I'd have first called the vet. There's nothing we can tell you here.

Dehda01 09-12-2013 09:43 AM

Well. There may be a reason you were given the mare....

That said, a horse really shouldn't go lame for a month or have recurrent variable lameness without getting a full vet lameness exam. She needs to be xrayed to see if she has any internal issues going one within her hooves, or lower legs and evaluated for soft tissue damage too. But that is all based on what your vet sees and thinks may be the culprit.

I would be curious to see pictures of her condition, conformation and how she is trimmed/shod as well as what her other "issues" are. Navicular, ringbone, arthritis and a long list of other issues all need to be ruled out.

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