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beau159 09-12-2013 09:56 AM

Seriously? There's something wrong with Red AGAIN? Hock sore!
I just cannot believe my bad luck this year. Or maybe I'm being punished. Or maybe bad things have to come in 3's. I don't know.

I just know this sucks.

After all the trouble this year with Red, you'd think he'd be good to go health-wise.

Well now he's come up hock sore. Or stifle sore. Or both. Thought he looked sore on the video from my last barrel race (which was not there before) and did a couple practice turns last night to video and it is there clear as daylight. I already have an appointment set up with my lameness specialist vet.

After I've finally got him sound on his front leg/feet issue from July where we found he has crooked joint spaces.

And after he tried to cut his leg off with the wire fence in January.

I just can't believe the $$$$$ I'm having to dish out this year. It's ridiculous. And then only to fix one problem, and then have something completely new pop up.

How many times can a horse be flexioned tested .... be fine ..... and then a month or two later flex with a problem? And then happen AGAIN?

Gah, I just want to scream. Posted on here to vent, anyway.

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